Mix & Match Design Company Founder, Chaney Widmer

Mix & Match Design Company Founder, Chaney Widmer

About Mix & Match Design Company 

Mix & Match Design Company was created to provide accessible, affordable interior design for everyone. After many years of writing a design blog and helping friends and family put together homes they loved, founder Chaney Widmer decided it was time to jump head first into launching her own Internet-based interior design business. (For more of the scoop on Chaney's story and why she's so passionate about being able to serve others through this business, check out this post and this post.)

Mix & Match Design Company wants to take the intimidation out of interior design - whether you are starting from scratch on a brand new home, adding a few pieces to bring a room together, or just in need of another set of eyes to take your space from good to great. We're ready to help! Try our one-on-one e-design services, get inspired and find design tips over on the blog, or follow along on social media. Chaney hangs out on Instagram a lot. Come say hello!

Chaney and her husband (along with their dog, Jackson) live in Philadelphia. She's from Virginia originally, and definitely claims her southern roots. In 2015, after renting for years, she and her husband bought their first home - one that needed a lot of love to come alive again. Over a year-long period, they transformed their 1930s row home from drab and dark to bright and modern while retaining much of its original charm. You can see one of her favorite projects - her kitchen - right here. In her free time, Chaney loves to explore her city with her husband, run with her pup, and dig into a good novel. She also has a deep love for her Auburn Tigers and the Washington Nationals. 

Feel free to take a look around and explore. If you have questions or want to work with us on a project that doesn't quite fit our packages, contact us at chaney@mixandmatchdesign.com. We look forward to working with you!

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