Who is this service for?

Anyone who wants to create a space they love! E-design is a quick and fun way to get the look you want for a flat design fee. It's perfect for:

  • Someone who is furnishing a new house and doesn't know where to start
  • A person who is ready to give a room a refresh, but you're on a shoestring budget and want to make your dollars go as far as possible
  • Someone who is making a cross-country move who wants to start over with new pieces in his or her new place
  • A young professional moving into his or her first place and wants to "graduate" from hand-me-pieces from his or her college days
  • Building a home and are overwhelmed by having to choose all the finishes, fixtures and furniture (so many decisions!)

The great part about e-design is that once you have your shopping list in hand, you're free to do with it what you will. You can go online and buy everything at once or use it as a jumping off point and go find similar pieces yourself. It's up to you!

HOW DOes the E-design process work?

Head to this page for all of the details. In a nutshell, you'll purchase your design package, fill out a survey, and send room photos, a floor plan of your space, and inspiration photos. Once we have all of that information, we'll get going on the design!

What kind of budgets do you work with?

All of 'em!  Really. And we'll stick to the budget you give us and do our best to maximize it.

Are there any hidden fees or hourly charges?

No. We pride ourselves on fee transparency. The cost remains the same no matter your budget. There are no surprise fees or hourly charges unless a custom package is agreed upon. 

Will you come to my house and set everything up for me?

We do not offer installation, assembly, or set up services. The Mix & Match e-design service provides you with the plan, and you can implement it as time and budget allows. Lots of folks will hire a third party to assemble and move furniture for them though. Hiring someone on an hourly basis through a service such as Thumbtack (no affiliation with Mix & Match) is one way to do it! If you're in the Philadelphia area, I'm happy to offer recommendations for handymen and movers.

What if I want to work with Mix & Match Design Company, but my needs don't fit the current service offerings?

Let's chat! We can often come up with a solution that works well for both you and us. Email us at or fill out this form.  The more specific you can be about your needs, the better! We'll be able to give you an accurate quote for the design fees once we have the right information for your project. * Please note that Mix & Match Design Company is currently only taking on full room design projects (this includes multi-room and whole home projects) and there are limited spots available each month. Please contact me about availability prior to following the steps below! * 

Do you have any recommendations for places I should shop for my home?

Why yes, yes I do! In fact I've pulled together a Furniture & Decor Resource page where I've created shoppable images that will take you right to some of my favorite finds from around the web!


It's hard to choose, but I'm drawn to light and bright spaces with clean lines and a bit of character thrown in - "eclectic modern" might be the best way to describe it. Another favorite style is modern farmhouse, which has become quite popular in the past few years!