3 Fall Decorating Trends I Can't Wait to See


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending HGTV Magazine’s Blogger Block Party where I heard some pretty fantastic folks speak including Emily Henderson, John & Sherry from Young House Love and Genevieve Gorder. I learned a ton from them, and one of my favorite takeaways was from Genevieve’s talk about fall design trends. She mentioned three in particular that I’m pumped to see and hope to incorporate into some client projects (and probably my own home too!).

Before diving into what those trends are, I feel like I should make a disclaimer that I don’t think homes need to be “trendy” - I’m all about helping people find their style and what they’re most comfortable with so that home is a place they love. If that happens to include whatever is trending at the moment, great!, but it’s not a necessity. 

So! What fall trends am I loving? 

1. Mud cloth, batik and all things tribal

You may have seen bits of this style popping up for awhile with shibori (a type of indigo dyeing) - especially with textiles like pillows, table runners and blankets. Now we’re starting to see more a wider range of colors and patterns within this tribal style including batik and mud cloth. One thing I like about this style is that meshes easily with a lot of other styles, and since the patterns are found primarily in textiles, it’s easy to add a piece of it to your home without breaking the bank or having to change the entire look of a room. 

2. Fresh rustic

This one follows right along with the modern farmhouse theme we’ve been seeing a lot (ahem, thanks Fixer Upper). It’s still has elements of the rough-hewn or worn look, but it leans more modern with clean lines and lots of white. Often there’s an anchor piece or architectural detail in a room that feels super rustic - think ceiling beams, a farmhouse table, or brick/irregular wood floors - while the rest is more polished.

3. Mid-century with a folk twist

Mid-century has been around since, well, the middle of the last century (see what I did there?), but it has had a major renaissance over the past few years. This new twist on it has more of a folk vibe with bohemian and handmade touches. It's like Mr. Buttoned Up Mid-Century decided to let his hair down and live a little - ha! I've even started to see some of that tribal trend I talked about earlier in these spaces.

Urban Outfitters  (original photo no longer available) via  Apartment Therapy

Urban Outfitters (original photo no longer available) via Apartment Therapy

So that's what I'm loving that's coming down the pipe soon. Do you have any favorite trends right now? 

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