Fashion-Inspired Winter Decorating with JORD Wood Watches (& Giveaway!)

This post was written in collaboration with JORD Wood Watches. They provided a beautiful watch for review in this post, but as always, all opinions are my own! 

With a change in seasons comes an opportunity to change up some of the decor in our homes. I think we've all recovered from the onslaught of holiday decorating (right?), and now I'd say we're solidly in what I like to call the dead of winter. If you live in a place that has a cold climate this time of year like I do in Philadelphia, I'll bet you have the urge to layer up and bring on the cozy vibes. (Wood burning fireplace, anyone?) Bringing that feel into our homes can help stave off the some of the doldrums that these cold, long months can bring. 

I'm a big believer that inspiration for decorating can come from anywhere. Lately, I've been pulling some from fashion, so when JORD recently contacted me about reviewing one of their stunning wood watches, I thought it was a perfect excuse to talk about show it off and talk about fashion-inspired winter decorating!

They sent over the Frankie watch in Koa and Ash for my husband to try (I pretty much only wear my FitBit, so I thought he'd enjoy it more - isn't that nice of me? Ha!) and I absolutely love its simplicity, the warm tones of the wood, and how lightweight it is. Most link-style watches are so heavy since they're made of metal, but that's definitely not the case here. 

My husband's style is classic and timeless (he's a great dresser, if I do say so myself :) ), and this watch fits right in with that look. It has staying power, and it's definitely something he can wear for years to come. 


So, how does this men's wood watch, along with other parts of winter fashion, inspire our decorating? Lots of ways, my friends! In the colder months, think about how we dress - we layer up. We add a sweater over our shirts, wrap a scarf around our necks, and pull on boots over our warm socks. Much of it is practical, of course, but I think we have this innate desire to warm things up and to feel cozy and comfortable. It's the same way in our homes. During this time of year, you probably add in cozy layers without even thinking about it by bringing in things like throw blankets to your living room and adding a down comforter to your bed. I'll bet you even have some fuzzy slippers...I do! (And I may be wearing them right now...)

But, being cozy doesn't always have to mean something that's actually fuzzy and soft - think about the warmth that other textures and finishes can bring to a room. Wood tones, warm metals like brass, different textures, and deeper colors like the navy of my husband's blazer in the photos above can all contribute to that feeling. 

I could totally design a room around the photo above - perhaps a man's home office? - it would be classic and timeless, but with a modern twist. The JORD watch packaging provided the perfect jumping-off point for mixing textures and colors together for these photos. It came in a sturdy wooden box (you can see it in the opening photo), and inside, the watch was wrapped around a little burlap pillow. It all fits right in with the mix of plaid, silver and brass accessories I wanted to include. 

I told you inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look. :)

So! Let's wrap this up with a quick summary of how you can use fashion to inspire your winter decorating:

  • Take a look at what folks are wearing this time of year as you go about your daily life (as we've learned today, even a unique watch can be a source of inspiration!) and note when certain patterns, textures, and colors catch your eye.
  • Mimic what you see by bringing in different pieces things like pillows, blankets, accessories. We're not talking about a full scale makeover here, just a few items here and there to create that layered, cozy vibe throughout your home! Think plaid blankets, woven baskets, and brass accessories you can stick on a bookshelf. Have fun!

And now let's get to the good stuff - the GIVEAWAY!

(**This giveaway is now closed.** Congratulations to our winner, Sarah! Please let me know if you didn't receive an email with your gift code!)

JORD has generously provided a $100 gift code that you can use toward anything on their site. Every person who enters using the button below will be eligible. (If you're on a feed reader or seeing this in your inbox, you may have to click over to the post on the website to enter) In the end, only one (1) person will win the code, but everyone will receive a consolation code worth $25 at the end of the contest! 

Fine print: the contest will close January 29th at 11:59pm. The $100 and $25 Gift Codes will expire April 30th, 2017.


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