Love the Home You're In

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! Whether this holiday is a favorite of yours or if it makes you roll your eyes, I think we can all agree that love is an important part of being human. We talk about it all the time, don't we? We love that person, we love that piece of art, we love going for a run on a sunny spring day, etc.

But what about our homes?

Some of us may love ours, but I'll venture to guess that many of us don't have those warm and fuzzy feelings when we walk in our front doors. Maybe you've never had time to put the effort into creating a home you're proud of, perhaps life circumstances have thrown a wrench in your plans, or maybe you're fearful of making a mistake so you simply don't do anything at all. Do any of these describe you, my friend? They've all described me at one point or another.

I think if we let ourselves take a good, hard look, we all have a deep, innate desire to have a home that feels like a sanctuary - one that's comfortable, beautiful, and welcoming.  And guess what? I believe with every fiber of my being that every person can have that. Yes, even you out there in your short term rental, and you with the three little kids who make crazy messes. YOU. No matter what your circumstances may be. 

How? I think it's a balance of being content with where you are and what you have, recognizing the positives, and taking action to move towards creating a home you love. This is not about perfection or spending a zillion dollars - it's about taking stock of who you are and how you live, making goals, and going out there and doing it. In a world of Pinterest and Instagram (which I love, don't get me wrong), it's easy to fall into the endless cycle of needing more, wanting what she has, or feeling inadequate. The comparison game is real, and it can get ugly. 

While there is no magic formula I can give you that will automatically help you love the home you're in, I do want to encourage you that it is possible. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take a look around and assess. What makes you happy? What frustrates you about your home?
  • Why are you frustrated by those trouble spots? Can you change them? If not, why? Call me the eternal optimist, but I'll bet that there is at least something you can do to make it better, even if it's small.
  • What are your goals for your home? For me, it's important to have a space that can host large gatherings comfortably, and where people feel welcomed and immediately comfortable. I also value function and efficiency, whether that's how my kitchen is organized or the way our furniture is arranged. Things like that are what inform my decision-making about my home.
  • Find some accountability. Talking to a friend, spouse, or family member about this concept of loving the home you're in is a powerful way to seek both contentment and change. They can check in with and challenge you.
  • And finally, take action! 

So today, on Valentine's Day, let's take some time to love our homes. If you're someone who already does, fantastic! If you're just starting to think about this idea, or are deep in the trenches of home unlove, I'd love to hear from you in the comments, or find me on Instagram. Let's continue the conversation!


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