Seven Inspiring Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration: linen tablecloth, brass candlesticks, pumpkin centerpiece, greenery garland. Find more inspiring table decor ideas in this blog post!

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As you're prepping for the big Thanksgiving holiday this week, don't forget about dressing up your table! Special occasions like these offer a great opportunity to get a little fancy with your centerpieces and place settings. It doesn't have to be over the top, but a few simple touches can go a long way in setting the tone for the meal and creating an environment that feels celebratory.

I've gathered up seven gorgeous tablescapes (a fancy word for decorating and setting a dinner table to fit a specific occasion) to inspire your own table decor this Thanksgiving. Not hosting this year? Offer to handle this task for your hosts! If they don't already have plan or look in mind, taking that off their plates (sorry, bad pun!) may be just what your hosts need to help decrease the stress level of pulling off this big meal. Plus, working on that will get you out of the way in the kitchen! :)

Before we dive in, you might be thinking to yourself, "I could never pull this off! I don't have time or energy to make something look this good!" Yes, these may be staged and photographed beautifully, but that's the point - they're meant to be inspiring! BUT, that doesn't mean yours has to look just like them. My hope is to give you tangible ideas that you can take and run with in your own Thanksgiving table decorating ventures. Remember that it's not a competition and have fun with it!

Farmhouse Style With Pumpkins, Linen, and Mixed Metals

Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration: linen tablecloth, brass candlesticks, pumpkin centerpiece, greenery garland. Find more inspiring table decor ideas in this blog post!

via Rooms For Rent

This tablescape feels casual and elegant at the same time. Mixing aged brass, gold, and copper is a fun way to give your table a collected, eclectic look, and pumpkins, white taper candles, and greenery make for an organic, laid back centerpiece. This table also has loads of texture that gives the table dimension and keeps your eye moving around to all of the different elements!

Dark and Moody With Candles and Greenery

via Ruffled

If dark and moody is more your thing, try this look! Pillar candles mixed in with leafy branches and eucalyptus make for an unstructured and cozy vibe. I also love the idea of topping off the place setting with a succulent - your guests can take them home and plant them, and if you're left with extras, you can create your own little succulent garden. 

Black and Gold

Black and gold tablescape inspiration for your Thanksgiving table. Use gold chargers, a black and white table runner, and other black and gold touches to complete the look. Want more Thanksgiving table decor ideas? Head to this post!

via Decor Aid

Black and gold can be an "in your face" duo, but when done well like in this example from Decor Aid, it comes off as a lovely mix of casual and glam. The simple striped table runner and napkins provide a laid back look, while the gold chargers (which are a great item to have in your arsenal - they're super versatile!), pumpkins, and other touches add that more glamorous feel.

Simple and Modern With Fall Colors

The centerpiece is the shining star in this fall tablescape. Small arrangements of flowers in fall colors flanked by greenery and pumpkins make for a beautiful and modern look. See more ideas for your fall or Thanksgiving table in this post!

via Homey Oh My

Sometimes you just want your table to have one shining star. In this example it's the centerpiece. The white dishes play a supporting role for this gorgeous collection of flower arrangements in fall colors, pumpkins, and leafy greenery.

Non-Traditional and Pumpkin-Filled

Non-traditional Thanksgiving tablescape with blues, golds, and oranges. Want more table decorating inspiration? Head to this post!

via Casa de Perrin

Sometimes, creating a look that's completely different and unexpected can be a welcome change and make your guests say, "Wow!" I'm partial to blues, and so I'm digging those painted pumpkins - they're so fun. For maximum visual impact, the key here is volume. Pile on those pumpkins!

Minimalist Modern

Simple and modern Thanksgiving table menu. For more table decorating ideas, head to the blog post!

via Almost Makes Perfect

Though this image doesn't show the whole table, it's easy to catch on to the minimalist modern feel of the decor. Adding a simple menu builds a sense of anticipation among your guests and makes the meal feel special. Also, fun fact: this menu is actually a free download that you can customize for your own table! Use the link above to access it. 

Cozy, Rustic, and Repurposed

Fall/Thanksgiving tablescape ideas. Use buffalo check placemats, copper touches, and natural elements to create this table. For more ideas, head to this post!

via Bless'er House

If you've been around Mix & Match for long, you'll know I'm a big fan of using what you have and getting creative. This table shows a great example of how to do that well! I love how those old shutters have been repurposed as a base for the centerpiece - those, plus the buffalo check placemats give off a rustic and cozy vibe. Remember to shop your house (and not just the dining room!) first before purchasing new decor. You might be surprised at how many looks you can create from what you already own.

Three Takeaways To Remember When You're Creating Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

I hope these seven examples got your creative juices flowing for decorating your own Thanksgiving table! I wanted to close out this post with three general takeaways to remember as you plan.

  1. Incorporate nature. This can be in the form of plants, flowers, pumpkins, or even branches from your yard! It will add so much life to your table.
  2. Try including a menu. Though your home isn't a restaurant and you won't be taking orders, it feels fun and fancy to list out what you'll be eating that day.
  3. You can't go wrong with candles. Placing some candles along the center of the table creates an instant coziness and can provide some nice height variation to your decor, which adds really great visual interest. 

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!


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