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I'm excited to kick off a new weekly series today called  What Caught My Eye!  If you're decorating your home and are looking for recommendations for furniture or decor from a designer, you're in the right place. Each week I'll round up my favorites from online home retailers big and small!

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Hey friends! Today in the What Caught My Eye series, we’re tackling a big one - Amazon!

Did you know that they have an ever-growing selection of furniture and decor for your home? Of course, since they’re one of the largest online retailers in the world (perhaps the largest?), there’s a lot to sift through, but I’ve rounded up a bunch of favorites for your living room and bedroom to hopefully get you started.

I think Amazon realizes that it’s a behemoth to try and navigate through to find what you’re looking for, so they’ve actually started adding in some handy tools to help you out. For example, they now have a couple of in-house “brands” - Rivet and Stone & Beam - that group some select pieces together by style. Rivet is more modern/industrial while Stone & Beam has more casual and cozy pieces. (As a side note, the reason I put brands in quotes is because Amazon isn’t actually the manufacturer - they’re simply gathering items made by other manufacturers into collections. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I thought I’d pass that along as an FYI!)

Another neat category they have now is a handmade section. Maybe this is Amazon’s version of Etsy? To be honest, I haven’t been all that impressed with what I’ve found there, but hey, it’s still pretty cool that they have that at all.

Allright! With that introduction out of the way, let’s dive into my favorite finds! I’ve got some furniture and decor for both the living room and bedroom for you to check out - happy shopping!

Amazon Home Favorites - Living Room

Amazon has an ever-growing selection of home furniture and decor and I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites for your living room and bedroom. They have pieces for just about every style - farmhouse, industrial, mid-century, and more!

Blue Block Print Pillow Cover | Blue Geometric Throw Blanket | Tassel Lumbar Pillow | Woven Belly Basket | Stoneware Flower Pot | Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table | Industrial Side Table | Walnut & Brass Tripod Floor Lamp | Modern Leather Sofa | Blue Diamond Wool Rug | Blush & Brass Accent Chair | Brass Double Wall Sconce | White Textured Table Lamp | Floral Artwork

Now here are some notes about a few of these pieces:

  • Blue Diamond Wool Rug: I love the subtle tone-on-tone pattern that this rug has. It has a fairly neutral look, but the texture and movement make it feel fresh and keep things interesting.

  • Industrial Side Table: I’ve had my eye on this side table for quite awhile. The drawer in the middle looks like it’s almost floating, which I find quite unique - I’m into it! This would also make a great nightstand in a bedroom.

  • Walnut & Brass Tripod Floor Lamp: Looking for a chic floor lamp? This is a good one! It looks almost black in this image, but it’s actually a dark walnut. The touch of brass at the top elevates it just a bit without making it feel too glam or over the top.

  • Modern Leather Sofa: The price on this sofa is really, really good for top-grain leather and it has great reviews to boot. Leather is great for standing up to kids and pets (and heck, adults too!) and ages beautifully. I love the modern lines and tufted seat too.

Amazon Home Favorites - Bedroom

Amazon has an ever-growing selection of home furniture and decor and I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites for your living room and bedroom. They have pieces for just about every style - farmhouse, industrial, mid-century, and more!

Black Accordion Wall Sconce | White Triple Gourd Table Lamp | Gray/White Striped Bedding | Blue Pickstitch Blanket | Green Mid-Century Bench | Modern French Seam Bed | Wood Hexagon Mirror | Gray Euro Shams | Blonde Wood Nightstand | Walnut Mid-Century Credenza | Modern Brass Pendant Globe Light | Persian Style Blue & Red Rug

And here are some notes on a few of these bedroom pieces:

  • Modern French Seam Bed: This bed is so simple, but the french seam on the edges of the headboard gives it a special touch. It’s the perfect fit for a modern farmhouse bedroom.

  • Blonde Wood Nightstand: I’m finding myself drawn to lighter wood tones more and more these days and this nightstand is a great example of a well-designed blonde wood piece. I think what I like most is that the handles are made of the same wood, giving it a slick look overall.

  • Walnut Mid-Century Credenza: Yes, I know, this is a credenza and not a dresser, but I really liked it so I included it anyway! :) And who says you can’t use a credenza as a dresser? I loved the different textures on this guy and it would definitely be a standout storage piece in a bedroom.

  • Modern Brass Pendant Globe Light: If you’re looking for a gorgeous light fixture and you have enough ceiling height, this mid-century style one is pretty great. It has clean lines, but the various angles of the arms give it a tiny bit of whimsy too.

So, have y’all shopped at Amazon for your home before? Do you have any other good strategies for sifting through their giant catalog to find exactly what you’re looking for? If so, share ‘em with us! Also, as a final note, did you know you can buy live plants on Amazon? I wrote a whole post about it a little while back - you can read it here if you’re interested!

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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