What Caught My Eye: West Elm

I'm excited to kick off a new weekly series today called  What Caught My Eye!  If you're decorating your home and are looking for recommendations for furniture or decor from a designer, you're in the right place. Each week I'll round up my favorites from online home retailers big and small!

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Happy Friday, my friends! I'm excited to share the second installment of my new weekly series, What Caught My Eye, today! 

If you missed last week’s grand introduction and inaugural post featuring Target, you can catch up here. And thanks for the awesome feedback on this new series - I’m so excited that y’all are loving the idea as much as I am!

Today I’m covering another retailer that I use a ton with my e-design clients and happen to love personally as well - West Elm!

They’re known for their mid-century and modern style, but also have a variety of furniture and home decor that branches out into the boho, industrial, and modern glam looks as well. West Elm has pieces for pretty much every space in your home - from living room furniture all the way down to the dishes you put on your dining table. Of course I can’t cover every category in this little blog post, but I tried to include a wide variety of items for your bedroom and living room to show you just how expansive their collections are.

Another thing I appreciate about West Elm is that they carry pieces that span a wide range of price points to suit many different budgets. For example, the petite modern chair I included in my living room roundup is a steal at $299, but they also have armchairs that are in the $1,000+ range. Of course, the quality is probably going to be different if you spend $299 versus $1,00 on a chair, but knowing that they have both gives you some great optionality.

So! With that preamble complete, let’s jump into my picks for this week’s What Caught My Eye!

Below you’ll see two separate furniture and home decor roundups - one for the bedroom and one for the living room, just like last week. Remember, not all of these items have to be used exclusively in the bedroom or living room, but I think dividing them up in this way is helpful!

Finally, remember that West Elm almost always has a sale going on, so if you find a piece that you love and are willing to be patient, you’ll likely be able to save a little cash on your purchase. If you sign up for their mailing list, you’ll also get coupons in your inbox every now and again that you can apply to any item in the store.

Favorite Bedroom Furniture and Decor From West Elm

A roundup of the furniture and decor that caught my eye recently at West Elm. If you're looking for recommendations for mid-century modern, industrial, and boho items for your bedroom, be sure to check out this blog post with tons of ideas for decorating your home.

Industrial Modern Nightstand | Cat Eye Mirror | Windowpane Duvet Cover | Red Tribal Rug | Lattice Headboard | Green Ceramic Table Lamp | Modern Wood Dresser | Round White Nightstand | Brass Wall Sconce | Pebble Dot Sham | Blue Linen Fringe Sham | Two Tone Seagrass Basket | Framed Abstract Art

I’m guessing a few of these pieces caught your eye too, but I want to highlight a few specific ones below and share some details about them that you wouldn’t necessarily catch just by looking!

  • Windowpane Duvet Cover: I absolutely love the modern simplicity of this duvet. They also have shams in the same pattern, which you could pair with the duvet or use separately. I can totally picture using this bedding in a boy’s bedroom or in a master to give it a slightly masculine, tailored feel.

  • Blue Linen Fringe Sham: I recently picked up the gray version in a quilt and man, it’s awesome. Linen is perfect for the warmer summer months and it’ll be great as an extra layer when we need it in the winter. Apparently I’m into the grid pattern right now since this is the second piece I’ve got in this roundup with it! :)

  • Cat Eye Mirror: If you’re looking for a mirror that’s a departure from a traditional round or square shape, I’ve got one for you. This modern brass mirror would look great over a narrow dresser or a cabinet in an entryway.

  • Red Tribal Rug: West Elm calls the color of this rug “papaya,” so it’s more like a faded red, which I actually prefer over a true red. The pattern reminds me of a lot of the vintage rugs we’re seeing these days that are oh-so-popular, so if you like that look, but don’t want to spend hours hunting down the perfect one, this might be a good solution.

  • Modern Wood Dresser: Every time I go into the West Elm store, I lovingly fawn over this dresser. I think it’s the combination of the long pulls and the black metal base that gets me every time. It fits in well with both the mid-century and industrial styles, and I happen to love both!

Favorite Living Room Furniture and Decor From West Elm

A roundup of the furniture and decor that caught my eye recently at West Elm. If you're looking for recommendations for mid-century modern, industrial, and boho items for your living room, be sure to check out this blog post with tons of ideas for decorating your home.

Indigo Stripe Pillow | Abstract Shape Art Print | Abstract Landscape Art | Upholstered Storage Ottoman with Wood Base | Modern Standing Planter | Kilim Rug Pillow | Blue Tassels Pillow | Mid-Century Task Lamp | Round Wood & Glass Side Table | Pink Tribal Rug | White Lacquer Bookshelf | Blue Velvet Sofa | Petite Modern Armchair | Black Modern Table Lamp |

Moving onto the living room, here are a few notes about some of my picks:

  • Petite Modern Armchair: This is the chair I talked about in the intro that’s $299 (I mean, what!?). It’s a new addition to their furniture collection, and I knew had to go check it out in person to see how it looked, felt, and sat. My assessment? It’s just as nice-looking in person, is really quite comfortable, and it comes in three lovely color options. It is small though, so keep that in mind. I think it would look pretty under-scaled in a larger room, but would be perfect for a smaller living space or bedroom.

  • Abstract Shape Art Print: I can’t quite put my finger on why I love this piece so much, but I am strongly considering picking it up for our home. It’s part of an artist collaboration (I love that West Elm supports small businesses and makers!) - if you like this piece, be sure to check out the other ones too.

  • Pink Tribal Rug: This is another rug that mimics the vintage look, but is readily available! It’s more subtle than the red one in the bedroom roundup and I like how the shapes and patterns vary throughout to keep things interesting.

  • Upholstered Storage Ottoman with Wood Base: Need storage and a good-looking coffee table/ottoman? This velvet-topped beauty with a wood base fits that criteria to a T. The top lifts off to reveal a nice-sized storage area. It’s also a perfect spot to put your feet up, and if you add a tray, you’ve got a nice surface to use and style too.

  • Mid-Century Task Lamp: The lines on this white and brass lamp are beautiful, yes? And bonus, it has a USB port right in the base, so it’s incredibly functional too! I like the idea of using this one on a side table or at your desk.

So, do I have any other West Elm lovers out there? Did you have any favorite pieces from this week’s roundups?

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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