What Caught My Eye: MoDRN from Walmart

I'm excited to kick off a new weekly series today called  What Caught My Eye!  If you're decorating your home and are looking for recommendations for furniture or decor from a designer, you're in the right place. Each week I'll round up my favorites from online home retailers big and small!

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Happy Friday! Today in the What Caught My Eye series, we’re headed to a place you might not expect - Walmart! Specifically, we’ll be taking a peek at their new MoDRN collection, which is so good!

Now stick with me for a minute - I know some of you just rolled your eyes when you heard the word “Walmart.” It’s probably not the first place you’d think to look for modern furniture and home decor, but hear me out! Walmart has really upped their game in the home department recently, and thanks to an Instagram ad that came across my feed, I got a peek at a few pieces from this new collection and I decided to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found!

If you’re a fan of modern furniture and decor, and want to keep things budget-friendly, you’ll want to take a look at what Walmart has to offer. They’re giving Target’s Project 62 line and West Elm a run for their money! MoDRN has a nice selection of pieces for different rooms in your home, including the bedroom, living room dining room, and entryway. I saw a lot of clean lines, simple silhouettes, and Scandinavian influences as I was browsing, and I rounded up some favorites to share with you today - scroll on down to see ‘em!

The other thing I liked about looking through this collection is that it wasn’t overwhelming. I feel like when I go to a giant site like Walmart, it can be hard to navigate and find what you need, but they did a nice job curating a smaller selection of pieces and dividing them up into categories so you can hone in on exactly what you want.

Now let’s take a look at what caught my eye. Below, you’ll find a graphic with links to each piece of furniture and home decor. You can also browse using the slider of images that you’ll find at the bottom. (If you’re on a feed reader or in your email, you’ll need to head to the full site to access that feature.)

Favorites from MoDRN - Walmart’s Modern Furniture and Home Decor Collection

Have you seen the new MoDRN collection from Walmart? They’ve got a great selection of affordable modern furniture and home decor. If you love Scandinavian or mid-century style, you definitely want to check this out. Click the image to take a look at these pieces!

From top left:

White & Wood Modern Nightstand | Modern Lounge Chair | White & Wood Ladder Bookshelf | Scandinavian Grasshopper Floor Lamp | Modern Scandinavian Circle Wall Art | Industrial Ceramic Planter & Stand | Industrial Modern Coffee Table | Abstract Blue Brushstrokes Wall Art | Brass & Marble Console Table | Velvet Channel Tufted Headboard | Teak Garden Stool | | Modern Ceramic Garden Stool | Modern Moroccan Rug | Pink Glam Ottoman Bench | Industrial Faux Leather Dining Chair | Blue Modern Credenza

Let’s go through a few of these pieces in detail!

  • White & Wood Modern Nightstand: I love these bedside tables. They’d be great in a bedroom (obviously!), but would work really well alongside a sofa or between two chairs in a living room as well. The two-tone design and clean lines are just about perfect in my book.

  • Modern Scandinavian Circle Wall Art: This (along with the Abstract Blue Brushstrokes Wall Art) comes in at a generous 26”x34” size and is only $69! It’s hard to beat that for a framed print. If you need to fill a wall, but your art budget is small, these are a great option. While I love to support independent artists as much as possible, sometimes budget wins when you need some larger scale pieces (I get it!). These two pieces are just a few examples of the modern art prints they have - be sure to click over and see the rest of the collection.

  • Modern Lounge Chair: This was the chair that lured me into checking out the rest of the MoDRN collection. It’s very reminiscent of a mid-century modern Saarinen design and comes in several color options. I liked this powdery blue-gray a lot - it feels neutral, but fresh!

  • Modern Moroccan Rug: these Moroccan style shag rugs have been “in” for quite awhile now and for good reason! They’re cozy under foot and go with lots of decorating styles. They also add a fun, organic element to a space. This budget-friendly option is different from anything I’ve seen before with its blue and gray freeform triangle design. I’d love to get my hands on it and see how it looks in person.

  • Industrial Faux Leather Dining Chair: I’ve seen a lot of different versions of these faux leather chairs out there, and this is another nice option. The back seems to be lower than a lot of the ones I’ve come across, so keep that in mind if you consider it for your dining table or as an office chair. When I’ve sat in similar chairs in person, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are - they tend to have just enough padding and have a nice ergonomic shape to support your back!

Happy shopping, friends!


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