One Room Challenge: Week 2 | The Design Plan

Here's a look at the design board for our One Room Challenge guest room! It's full of blues, greens, and warm wood tones, and has a modern eclectic style.

Welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! This week, we're diving into the design plan for our little guest bedroom to take it from blah to beautiful - let's take a look at what I've cooked up for this space! 

(Editor's note: If you're just tuning in for the first time, the One Room Challenge is a six week makeover event where designers and bloggers transform a room from start to finish and share the process along the way. To get caught up on the "before" and inspiration behind this design, be sure to check out Week 1! And once you're done with this week's post, head on over to check out Week 3 and Week 4!)

Last week, I talked about the current state of our forgotten guest bedroom and shared all the images that inspired the eclectic modern farmhouse style I'm going for. I left you hanging a little bit at the end, but I think it was worth the wait! Let's jump into the design plan for this space!

The Design Plan For An Eclectic Modern Farmhouse Guest Bedroom 

Here's a look at the design board for our One Room Challenge guest room! It's full of blues, greens, and warm wood tones, and has a modern eclectic style. | Mix & Match Design Company

Though this room is on the petite size at approximately 10'x11', I didn't let that stop me from making a statement on that wall - hello beautiful wallpaper! It was the inspiration for this entire design and I cannot wait to get it up on the wall. 

The color scheme revolves around various shades of blue and green - two of my favorites! I also brought in warm woods, and touches of black and brass to create a sophisticated space with a touch of whimsy. You've gotta have a little bit of fun in a guest bedroom, right?

I'm so thankful for the generosity of a few sponsors that are helping make this ORC makeover possible, and I want to give them a shoutout before I move on to the floor plan and specifics about the individual pieces!

  • Sweet Pea Wall Designs is the fabulous Etsy shop behind that watercolor floral wallpaper and I'll talk about them more in a minute. 
  • Holly & Martin is a company I've shared about before on the blog - they carry super affordable modern decor and are always so wonderful to work with! They provided the snazzy hexagon mirror that'll be going above my existing tallboy dresser.
  • Calico Corners is also a familiar name around here. I've used their fabric on my dining chairs and on an upholstered headboard I DIY'd for my mom's guest room. They sent the beautiful fabric for the curtain I'll be putting up in this guest room!
  • Lamps Plus provided the pretty pendant light for the room - I can't wait to install it. They've got an incredible selection of lighting at all price points, so if you've got a lighting need in your home, be sure to check them out.

All right, onto the floor plan! 

The setup is staying pretty much exactly the same as it has been - in a small room, you don't have a whole lot of options! The bed, nightstands, and dresser will keep their positions. I'm hoping to add a 6'x9' rug in here, but I'm still working out the details on that!

There's a funny little bump out where the window is in the back corner, but it's just wide enough for a single curtain panel to hang on the right side. I'll be layering that with a natural woven shade, which will be great for privacy and blocking the bright light this room gets from a street light at night.

The floor plan for our guest bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge. Mix & Match Design Company

The Details:


To wrap up this post, let's talk specifics about some of the pieces I chose for the space!

Shall we begin with the big, bold wallpaper from Sweet Pea Wall Design that lives behind the bed? I'm guessing it's probably the first thing you noticed, as well it should be! That blue and green watercolor floral paper is actually removable - isn't that awesome? If you like this design, you should also check out Sweet Pea's recently launched sister shop called MUSE - it's full of new designs created by the MUSE team as well as some very talented artists.

Since that back wall is the star of the show, I wanted to make sure I chose other pieces that complemented, but didn't compete with it. These are the pieces that really pull this room together and make it shine. 

I went on quite the search for the perfect simple modern farmhouse bed for this room and finally found it a few weeks ago! If you follow along on Instagram, you might have seen my post about falling in love with a different bed from LexMod only to discover it didn't come in a full size, only queen. Ugh! So it was back to the drawing board. After searching for what felt like forever, I stumbled upon the perfect substitute from Crate&kids (formerly the Land of Nod). It just goes to show you never know where you're going to find the right piece - sometimes kids retailers surprise you and have some stellar stuff for adult rooms!

A couple of mid-century modern nightstands flank the bed and they have quite a story behind them. They're vintage and they came from the house my brother and sister-in-law bought last year. When they were looking at the house, my mom (who was with them) happened to ask about the mid-century modern furniture they had in one of the bedrooms. The person who was selling was planning to have an estate sale to get rid of everything, but ended up giving those nightstands to my mom for free! She knew I loved mid-century furniture, so off they went to my house. They need some love and I'll be sharing more about them in a future post.

On top of those nightstands are some green gourd lamps I've had for years now and are still going strong. They've lived all over our various homes, but this might be their final resting place. :)

Above the bed, a subtly beautiful pendant light from LampsPlus is going in. The detail on the glass is beautiful, and I love the black and brass tones on the hardware. It ties in well with the funky modern hexagon mirror from Holly & Martin that'll be going above the dresser. 

The final items I want to mention in detail are the textiles. First up, as I mentioned earlier, that blue striped curtain is a future DIY project! Calico sent a few yards of their Pizzelle Navy fabric from the Vern Yip collection and I'm going to use my sewing skills to make a curtain out of it. It's one of two sewing projects I have planned - the other is a long lumbar pillow. I've got a little bit of indigo fabric that'll be perfect for that project. 

Ok! I think that wraps it up for this week's ORC post. I can't wait to share the progress I'm making on the room next week! In the meantime, be sure to follow along on IG Stories - I'll be sharing sneak peeks periodically over there!

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A big thanks to the companies that are helping make this room transformation happen by sponsoring some of the products you'll be seeing:

Sweet Pea Wall Designs

Holly & Martin

Lamps Plus

Calico Corners

Mohawk Flooring

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