What Caught My Eye: Removable Wallpaper & Murals From Society6

I'm excited to kick off a new weekly series today called  What Caught My Eye!  If you're decorating your home and are looking for recommendations for furniture or decor from a designer, you're in the right place. Each week I'll round up my favorites from online home retailers big and small!

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Happy Friday! I’m back with a super fun round ofWhat Caught My Eye today. We’re talking all about removable wall murals and wallpaper from Society6!

In case you’re not familiar with Society6, it’s a marketplace for artists to share their work in the form of over 30 consumer goods including everything from throw pillows to art prints to home decor. It’s a really cool concept and the fact that you’re supporting independent artists by purchasing from there is a huge plus in my book! It’s kind of like Etsy, but Society6 is the one who actually makes the products - the artists just upload their work and then Society6 creates the products to ship directly to the customer. The catalog of items you can choose from seems to be growing all the time!

I recently found out they’ve started offering removable wall murals and wallpapers, which caught my attention because I absolutely loved how the removable wallpaper turned out in our guest room last year. I’m always on the lookout for more options in that category. If you’re in a rental or are ambivalent about “real” wallpaper, these are a great option. I love the impact it can make on a space, and, because it’s temporary, you can easily take it down or switch it up later.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what’s the difference between a wall mural and wallpaper? Well, the way I like to think about it is that a wall mural is more like a giant piece of art. The pattern doesn’t repeat indefinitely and it comes in a defined size, so you can’t really customize it to your wall’s dimensions. The patterns also tend to be larger-scale. Wall murals are fantastic if you want to make a big statement on a large, blank wall, but they’re not so great if you want to carry a pattern throughout a space, if you have windows on the wall, or if you’re going to cover a portion of it with furniture. It all depends on what the art is itself, but in general, those are the things I’d think about if you’re considering a wall mural.

Wallpaper on the other hand, is repeatable indefinitely and the patterns tend to be smaller-scale. If you’re planning to cover all the walls in a room, definitely go this route. If you’re just doing an accent wall, it’s more about the look you’re going for and whether the mural fits the dimensions of the space. Wallpaper tends to work better if you have architectural elements to contend with or plan on having furniture in front of it. Every situation is different though, and you can get pretty creative with this stuff!

Now let’s take a look at what caught my eye. I rounded up eight of my favorite removable wall murals and eight of my favorite removable wallpapers. I tried for a diverse group of colors, patterns, and styles, but you’ll probably notice some commonalities between the ones I found.

Scroll on down to take a look!

Below each image you’ll find source links and below that you’ll see a slider of clickable images that will take you right to the item on the Society6 website. (If you’re on a feed reader or in your email, you’ll need to head to the full site to access that feature.)

(P.S. It can be a tad overwhelming to look through all the options on Society6, but hopefully this set of ideas will get you started. One tip I have for you is to look for artists you like, then you can take a spin through their shops to see the rest of their work. This is one of my favorite ways to narrow down the options.)

Removable Wall Murals from Society6

Society6 just launched removable wall murals on their site and I’m loving them! Think of them as oversized pieces of art - use them to make a big statement or as a beautiful backdrop. The fact that they’re temporary makes them perfect for a rental or for those of us who have trouble committing to the permanent kind!

Removable Wallpaper from Society6

Society6 just launched removable wallpaper on their site and I’m loving it! Removable wallpapers are perfect for powder rooms, bedroom accent walls, entryways, and so many other spots in your home. The fact that it’s temporary makes it perfect for a rental or for those of us who have trouble committing to the permanent kind!

I can see using these in SO many places in a home - wallpaper can be an especially fun addition to a powder room, bedroom, entryway, or dining room. Go subtle or go bold. The choices are endless!

Did any of these catch your eye too? If you end up using one of them in your home, please share! I’d love to see.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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