Shop the Design: Eclectic Modern Living Room (Everything's From Amazon!)

This week, I decided to change things up a little bit from my usual “Favorite Finds” post and design an actual room with the pieces I found from a single retailer! Y’all will have to let me know what you think!

I chose Amazon* this week because I think they’ve really been making strides in the home department and I source from there a lot for my e-design clients. They carry a ton of brands, but they’ve also launched several “in house” brands (a la Target) to create a better shopping experience and help folks find things that fit particular styles. They’re almost like mini storefronts. For example, their Rivet brand leans more modern and industrial, while Stone & Beam falls more into the farmhouse category.

I find that shopping these brands individually helps make browsing Amazon a little more manageable since they have SO MUCH on the site. Give it a try sometime!

Now let’s take a look at the design I pulled together - an eclectic modern living room! Everything you see is from Amazon. Pretty amazing! I’m loving how it turned out, and how easy would it be to order everything if you wanted to recreate this in your own home? One shopping cart, one checkout process, and then it all arrives at your doorstep! I thought I’d talk a little bit about the pieces of furniture and decor I chose so you could get a peek in to the thought process that went into the design.

The sources are listed here below the design board and again at the end of the post!

Would you believe that everything in this modern eclectic living room came from Amazon? I’m sharing the sources, my thoughts behind the design, and some tips on making Amazon feel smaller when you’re shopping over on the blog!

Mid-Century Three Arm Pendant Chandelier

Tufted Leather Sofa

Vintage Style Persian Rug

Down-Filled Ivory Performance Fabric Ottoman

Modern Small-Scale Lounge Chairs

Industrial Metal & Wood Side Table

White Table Lamp

Two Bulb Modern Arch Floor Lamp

Blue & Gold Abstract Art

Mudcloth Pillows (Set of 2)

Throw Blanket

Tribal Blue Lumbar Pillow

Snake Plant

Modern Planter on Stand

First off, I created this living room around two main pieces: the tufted modern leather sofa and that gorgeous vintage-inspired Persian rug. I loved these together - the more traditional rug paired with the mid-century sofa is a great mix of styles and they set the stage for everything else I pulled into the design. Also, that sofa is SUPER affordable for leather. A friend of mine recently bought one and gave it the thumbs up for comfort, style, and quality!

(As a side note, I recently bought that rug for our family room and absolutely love it. It’s soft underfoot and has an authentic vintage look to it - I can’t say enough good things! Just be sure to get a thicker rug pad to put underneath it since it’s on the thinner side.)

For additional seating, I chose two modern steel blue chairs that tie into the blues in the rug. I liked that they had a unique design with the frame and arms, and get really good reviews. They’re on the smaller side, so they’d be great for tighter spaces or apartments.

Since I wanted this to be a really cozy, relaxed space, I added a down-filled ottoman that you can throw your feet up on - perfect for lounging and catching up on your favorite shows! It’s covered in a performance fabric, which means it’s stain resistant (yes!). Performance fabrics are the way to go if you have kids or pets around, especially if you want to go with a lighter fabric like the ivory on the ottoman.

For lighting, I chose a fun, mid-century brass pendant chandelier. It’s a dead ringer for the Mobile Chandelier from West Elm, but it’s only $110! This room felt like it needed a fun pendant, right? If you want to mimic this look in your home, make sure you have taller ceilings (I’d say 9’ or higher) to accommodate the height of this light fixture.

To round out the ambient lighting, I added a two-headed modern floor lamp and a white ceramic table lamp. I always like to have additional light sources other than overhead lighting in a room. It gives you a lot of flexibility. Sometimes overhead lighting can feel harsh and a single lamp is all you need!

In the decor category, you’ll see some large-scale abstract art above the sofa, a mix of pillows and a throw blanket, and some greenery in the form of a snake plant. Yes, you can buy live plants on Amazon! I talk all about that in this post if you want to learn more and see some example of what I found. The little things like textiles and art really make a room come to life! Don’t forget those finishing touches. :)

So what do you think of this design? How do you feel about shopping for your home all in one place, like Amazon? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram!

Shop the Design: Eclectic Modern Living Room

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