A Modern Eclectic Master Bedroom Reveal

 An interior designer's modern minimal bedroom with an eclectic collection of family heirlooms, DIYs, and Target finds.

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally ready to share my master bedroom with y'all today! This room has seen quite an evolution over the past year as I've taken my time to collect each piece by shopping our house, buying a few new items, and even doing a little DIYing - more on that in a bit!

Sometimes rooms come together quickly, and sometimes you just need to go with the flow and enjoy the process. I tend to be a "tweaker," so I wouldn't be surprised if this room continues to see changes in the coming months. That being said, I felt like it "done" for now, which meant it was high time to share this space. So welcome to our modern eclectic bedroom!

 A designer's modern eclectic bedroom in a Philadelphia row house.

For those of you who are new to Mix & Match, allow me to introduce myself and our home. I'm Chaney, and in the fall of 2015, I started an online interior design business working with clients one-on-one, and this blog is a part of that biz. It's the spot that I share e-design clients' spaces, my own home, and offer lots of design tips and tricks. My husband and I (along with our pup, Jackson) live in our 1200 square foot, 1930s row house in the great city of Philadelphia. I run Mix & Match out of our home (take a peek at my office here), and absolutely love what I do!

I'm always striving to make our house into a home that reflects us, and I'm proud to say that this bedroom is just that. It mixes new with old, and feels fresh and modern, but still cozy - a great combination in my book.

 A row of three budget-friendly, modern dressers from Target fill this bedroom nook perfectly.

One of the major changes we made recently was to update our dresser situation. We previously had a long, low french-style dresser in this nook, but it never felt like the right piece. The space felt like it was begging for more of a built-in look that filled it from end to end, and I found these modern three drawer dressers* from Target that were just right in look and size. Three of them lined up next to one another provides a ton of storage, and I love their minimalist look.

 Art from Art Crate (Artist: Katie Craig) hangs over these modern, minimalist dressers.

But, I felt like something was missing once we got them in there and hung that big, beautiful walnut mirror from IKEA (this mirror is so awesome, y'all - go grab one!). I realized pretty quickly that this spot needed some art to really bring it to life and add some whimsy. I worked with the awesome folks over at Art Crate to find that piece, and it was so helpful. Art is super personal, and it can be hard to find just what you're looking for, so I was glad to have some expert help in this department. Even interior designers have trouble choosing art sometimes, ha!

Art Crate was a new-to-me service, and I found that it was a really awesome way to find unique pieces from both well-known and up-and-coming artists. The process is simple: you take a quick style quiz, and then work with one of their curators who will find you a selection to choose from. You make the final call on which piece you want (framed or unframed), and they'll send it your way! 

It's a subscription service, so you can choose from different plans to build your collection over time in a way that fits your budget. Create a gallery wall or scatter them in different spots in your home - it's up to you!

 Art from Katie Craig (via Art Crate) in this interior designer's modern eclectic master bedroom.

Out of the three options my curator gave me, I chose this gorgeous pink and blue abstract piece from artist Katie Craig. Katie happens to be a favorite artist of mine, and we actually did a giveaway of one of her prints a few months ago on Instagram! Clearly, my curator nailed my style.

If any of y'all are looking to add art to your home, but you're not sure where to start, I'd definitely recommend trying out a subscription to Art Crate (it would make a fantastic gift for somebody too!). And guess what? The kind folks over there are offering y'all 20% off your first month's purchase by using code: MIXANDMATCH20, so now you have no excuse not to get on over there and try it, right? :)

 An interior designer's modern eclectic master bedroom.

The colors in that print from Katie Craig coordinate perfectly with our bed too. Sadly, both the euro and standard shams have been discontinued, so I can't tell you their exact source, but the euros are from Anthropologie and the standards are from West Elm.

One source I can provide is for our new sheets, which I love. I'm a big fan of crisp, white percale sheets, but I'm not a fan of paying an arm and a leg for them, and I think I found the perfect ones from Brooklinen

 An interior designer's modern eclectic master bedroom.he T

The far side of the bed is pretty simple! We hung our vintage Martha's Vineyard map we got as a wedding present over seven years ago on the big wall next to the closet. It's a favorite piece that has lived in all kinds of spots in our homes as we've moved around. The rocking chair belonged to my maternal grandparents, and I love how sweet and simple it is.

 A designer's bright and airy master bedroom in Philadelphia.

I mentioned in the intro that there was a little DIY action going on in this room as well - have you guessed what it is? It's our headboard! I simply upholstered a piece of plywood with a navy blue fabric, attached some 2x4 legs, and it was done. Super easy! I love that I can change out the fabric in the future, but right now I'm loving the dark, moody blue - it contrasts so nicely with all the other light colors in the room.

So that's our master bedroom, folks! I hope you enjoyed this little tour today. I love how bright and airy it feels with the light gray paint, white dressers, and white linens. We get great natural light in this room, and it's a relaxing spot to spend my eight hours in each night!


*This post contains affiliate links. That means when you buy through my links, I'll earn a small commission from your purchase at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting Mix & Match in this way!


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Get the Look: Coastal Modern Breakfast Nook

 Get the look of this gorgeous coastal modern breakfast nook on the blog! | Image courtesy of Shift Interiors. Photography: Tracey Ayton Photography

via Shift Interiors (photography: Tracey Ayton Photography)

Welcome to this week's installment of Get the Look! This Friday series is a fun one. In these posts, I choose a photo of a beautifully designed space and source similar products to the ones shown so that you, my friend, can get the same look in your own home! Just like in any e-design project I would carry out for a client, my goal is to make the design affordable and approachable - no outrageously priced items here. :)

This week, I snagged a photo of this amazing breakfast nook from Shift Interiors, a Vancouver-based firm started by designer Jamie Deck. This super talented gal creates beautiful, fresh-feeling spaces, so if today's post speaks to you, make sure to head over and check out her whole portfolio. You won't be disappointed!

This little dining space may be small in size, but it's big on coastal modern style. The marble topped tulip table is a classic, and it works in just about any space! I love a round table in a tight space - you can typically fit more chairs around it, or you can make one side a bench like Jamie did here. 

I also love how she stuck to a cool neutral color palette and warmed it up with natural wood tones in the chairs and pendant light fixture. There's such beauty in simplicity, don't you agree?

 Get the look of this coastal modern breakfast nook designed by Shift Interiors. // Breakfast nook, modern breakfast nook, tulip table, marble top table, mid-century modern dining

Marble Topped Tulip Dining Table* | Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs | White Gallery Frames | Gray Tweed Pillow | Blue Silk Pillow | Gray and White Ikat Pillow | Glass and Wood Pendant Light | Gold Bird Figurines 

Total price for this look : ~ $1,400

As a side note, the picture frames on the wall almost look like they're whitewashed, but I went with classic white frames in my version of the look. You can't go wrong with those! I also found these frames in a antique silver, but the beige linen mats weren't doing it for me. If you love that look though, it would be super simple to swap the mats to white. An advantage of getting custom mats cut is that you can get one with an opening that's the exact size of the photo or art that you're framing (#winning). That's a great way to get a custom look for a reasonable price!

That wraps up another Get the Look! I hope y'all have great weekends, and as always, if there's a space you'd to submit for one of these posts, feel free to shoot me a note!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means Mix & Match earns a small commission from your purchase at no cost to you. 


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Ask the Designer - For FREE!

 On the hunt for a new piece of furniture? Get FREE suggestions from a designer! // Free decorating advice, how to choose a sofa, how to choose a chair, how to choose a dining table.

That's right, friends - I'm now offering a free decorating service as part of the e-design arm of Mix & Match Design Company! F-R-E-E. Who doesn't like the sound of that? 

If you've been hunting for a new piece of furniture like a sofa, chair, or dining table, but feel a little stuck or don't know where to start looking, this tool is perfect for you! Sign up to get some quick-hitting advice from an interior designer for a specific piece that has you stumped.

All you have to do is fill out a form with information about what you're looking for, and within a couple of days, you'll receive a list of three suggestions right in your inbox. The pieces will be tailored to your needs, budget, and style (hand-picked by me!). You can shop right from that list or use it as a starting place for your research. 

Scroll on down for a little preview of the form. It's short and sweet, and will only take a couple of minutes to fill out! Include your name, email address, the furniture item you need, your style, color preferences, and budget. There's even a spot for you to write a quick note to me with any other specifics I should know about...like if you have a dog that loves to lounge on the sofa (We've got one of those!). Or if you really hate the color green. 

So maybe you've been shopping around recently for that new chair you've been dreaming about for your living room or you're finally ready to get a "real bed" after sleeping on a plain metal bed frame for the last seven years, or maybe you're in the midst of a little home office redecorating and could use a second opinion about what desk to buy. Or maybe it's as simple as you don't have time to shop for a sofa, but you need one ASAP. Ask away! I'd be glad to help. 

I'd also love to get the word out about this new tool so that I can help as many people as possible find the pieces they need. Would y'all do me a huge favor and let your friends know about it? I'd appreciate it so much!

P.S. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught the first announcement about the launch of this tool last week! Be sure to follow me over there to be in the know about future launches, fun freebies, and more!


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