Full Room E-Design - General information:

Before you complete the steps below, please reach out to me via email so we can chat about your project to make sure it’s a good fit for both of us and to establish a timeline for getting started. Once you complete the “onboarding” steps and I have the information I need in-hand along with the package payment, we can jump into the fun part - the design phase!

Full room e-design packages include:

  • An introductory email to talk about your space

  • A design board with a visual representation of the recommended items

  • A floor plan that shows the suggested furniture placement and room setup

  • An opportunity to provide feedback via my online client portal (I'll make revisions based on that!)

  • A product list with direct links, prices, and purchasing information

Curious about what a design board looks like? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see an example.  You can see more in my portfolio as well. 

Here's how the process works:

Step 1: Take a short survey to assess the needs for your room. (Click here to access it.)

This helps us understand the scope of your project, style, budget, and wish list. The more specific you can be, the better! If you have any special requests, please use the short answer areas to provide details.

Step 2: Send photos of the room from all angles and a floor plan of the room to chaney@mixandmatchdesign.com.

The floor plan can be simple and hand-drawn (see example below), but please include dimensions like ceiling height, doorways, windows, and any important architectural elements.

How To Draw A Floor Plan_floor plan how to.png

Step 3: Pull together inspiration photos. 

Find pictures of rooms that show your style and either create a Pinterest/Houzz board for them (send the link/invitation to collaborate to chaney@mixandmatchdesign.com) or email them directly. This is a very important part of the process to make sure our visions for the look/design of the space are the same.

Pinterest Screenshot 12-20-17.jpeg

Step 4: Purchase your design package. 

Click the link above to go to the package purchase page or use the widget below. If your package has been customized, you'll receive an invoice from Mix & Match Design Company. Payment must be received before the design phase begins.

Full Room E-Design Packages
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Then it's onto the design phase!

Once I have all the information and you've purchased your package, we'll start on the fun part - the design phase! You should expect to receive a preliminary design board and floor plan via my online client portal within one week, and you'll be able to provide feedback at that time. Anytime you send an email with questions or feedback, you will receive a response within one business day (Monday-Friday). Timely responses from your side will ensure the best experience as well, and with good communication, we can put together the design plan in just a couple of weeks!*

Once the design phase is complete, you'll receive:

  • A shopping list with links the recommended items for your space (along with the ordering specifications like color and size)

  • The suggested floor plan/layout

  • The final design board

  • Applicable setup instructions

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email chaney@mixandmatchdesign.com or contact me through the website.

Example design board:

A mid-century modern, budget friendly living room.

*Note: If there is a lapse in communication of greater than 30 days without notifying me of the need for extra time, Mix & Match Design Company reserves the right to close the project and charge a $25 reopening fee. This fee must be paid prior to continuing the project.