10 Places To Shop For Affordable Furniture and Home Decor

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Y'all, Target is killing it right now with their in-house brands. Their latest launch, Project 62, has me wanting to wanting to spend a small fortune on new pieces for my own home! It's full of fun, modern pieces for your entire house. The decor is especially affordable, so if you're looking for items to fill your bookshelves or decorate a tabletop, you're in luck.

Threshold is another one of their in-house brands that I love. It leans more farmhouse, industrial, and global-inspired. They release new pieces all the time - if you like what you see, check back often to see the latest!

You may find some pieces in-store like their smaller decor items and a few furniture basics, but they carry most of their home and furniture inventory online. Target has free shipping when you spend over $35 though (or if you pay with a Target REDcard), so don't worry about that part! You can also return items in-store, which is a major plus in my book. 

Check out a short list of my current favorite pieces in this post!


If you thought IKEA was just for college kids or your first apartment out of school, you're wrong! Though I wouldn't furnish my entire home with pieces from this Swedish behemoth, they do have some pretty awesome pieces that are surprisingly good quality for the price.

I've been impressed with their latest collection (you can view the most recent catalog online here) - especially their STOCKHOLM line. If you have an IKEA nearby, it's worth a trip sometime if you haven't been in a few years. Their store displays will leave you feeling inspired and ready to do some serious decorating...as long as you don't try to go on a weekend or during their kitchen sale! That might leave you feeling more stressed than inspired. :)

World Market:

If you're saying to yourself, didn't she just talk about World Market recently?, your mind isn't playing tricks on you. It was the most recent post in my series called "What You Should Be Buying Right Now At: ___" and for good reason! They've got a great selection of globally-inspired, industrial, and mid-century modern furniture at very good prices. 

Their shipping charges can be a little crazy, so always check for a coupon code for free shipping over a certain amount (they'll often have them right on the website), or if you happen to be one of those lucky ones who has a World Market nearby, take advantage! They do carry a pretty great selection of their furniture and decor in-store. A quick tip on that is to check the website before you head out to see if the piece you want is available in the store near you. They clearly mark when something is only available online.


Ah Wayfair - that giant, overwhelming online retailer of allthethings. They really do have just about everything at every price point imaginable. It can feel impossible to find what you're looking for on this site, but with a little strategy and a little patience, you can most likely find what you need! They carry lots of national brands, and they also private label a bunch of things that change all the time to try and keep you from shopping them through other retailers (sneaky, huh?).

If you need some tips on how to shop this huge marketplace, you're in luck, because I wrote out my strategy on how I search it quickly and easily over on this post from earlier this year. Hopefully that will help keep you sane while you're browsing!


I've sung H&M's praises several times before, but it's worth singing them here as well! They have a really good home section that's only available online and in a few select stores. Their pillow covers are some of my go-tos for clients who are on a really tight budget. Inventory changes rapidly, so if you see something you like, definitely pounce on it while it's there.

They have free shipping over $40 with code 0040, so take advantage of that when you're shopping!

Check out a short list of some of my favorite pieces of theirs in this post!

Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters is another one of those stores that folks are surprised to hear has a home section. It's listed under "Apartment," but don't let that name throw you - it has budget-friendly furniture and decor for "regular homes" too! :)

Their selection is definitely eclectic, and can sometimes be a little strange for my taste, but you don't have to dig too hard to find some great pieces. If you're in the market for some unique items that won't break the bank, try Urban Outfitters.


Overstock, like Wayfair, is a huge online retailer. I've found that the most effective way to shop here is to be very specific with your search terms. Often, they'll have items listed individually by size or color (for example, an 8'x10' rug will be a completely separate listing from the exact same rug in a 5'x7' size), so to pull up relevant items, sometimes it can help to include sizes or colors in your search.

If you sign up for their email list, you'll often get coupons for a percentage off of your purchase. It's usually something random like 12%, which I find funny, but hey! every little bit counts when you're trying to limit what you're spending!


This is another one with a somewhat misleading name - what they carry isn't just for apartments! Though if you do live in a small space, they do have a great selection of furniture designed for that. 

They carry their own lines for the most part, so these aren't pieces you'll find on the other large retailers like Wayfair or Overstock. One good thing to know is that their fabrics are cleanable, which is good for folks with young kids, pets, or who just want peace of mind about that. 

Apt2B also has free in-home delivery, which is awesome when you're ordering large pieces of furniture. 

The Mine

The Mine may not be familiar to you - they just rebranded! It used to be called ATGStores. I haven't spent a ton of time on this site, but I have used it to source some furniture and home decor for clients recently. Sometimes I find that it's easy to navigate and find what I need and other times I feel like I'm striking out. One cool feature I just discovered is that they have a 3D visualization tool for a selection of their pieces - it can be really helpful to see something from all angles when you're shopping online!

This retailer is another aggregator like Wayfair with lots of items at lots of price points, but it's a more visually appealing site to me in general. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


Lastly, Amazon! It turns out you really can find just about anything here. A good number of brands list their items on Amazon in addition to their regular websites to get more exposure. I've had great luck with finding lighting, hardware, and even a few pieces of furniture here. Amazon seems to be starting to focus a little more on home-related items these days, so I wouldn't be surprised if they launch a site (or at least a separate section of the site) that focuses on just that. 

I also recently discovered a site called Canopy that curates "the best products on Amazon." They hone in on products that are both beautiful and functional, which is actually really handy! You don't shop through Canopy - once you find the item you're looking for, a link will pop you over to the item on Amazon itself. 

So that's what I have for y'all today! Those are my 10 favorite places to shop for budget friend pieces for your home. I hope it has been helpful! If you did find it helpful, I'd love for you to share this post with your friends. Happy day to you!

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