Decorating With Plants (Bringing the Outdoors In)


Plants are a secret weapon when it comes to decorating your home. They help bring a room to life, add a little bit of unkempt whimsy (every space needs a bit of that!), and they're just plain pretty to look at. Some can even purify the air in your home!

Today I want to share a few of my favorite ways to use houseplants in home decor. Even if you don't have a particularly green thumb (I'm raising my hand over here), you can have plants in your home - just make sure you choose ones that are low maintenance and that are the right fit for your space. A simple glance through the care card on a plant can tell you what the light and water requirements are. 

The first way to incorporate some greenery into your home is to go with a large statement plant. These guys can fill an empty corner, be a focal point, and act as a work of art in a space. Think fiddle leaf figs, large tropicals like palms and banana leaves, and tall cacti.

If the big statement plant is a little too much of a statement, another idea is to try slightly smaller scale plants like the snake plant, philodendron or spider plant. They look especially good raised up off the floor a little bit on a plant stand. Add one (or three!) next to an accent chair or other piece of furniture to add a little texture and pizzaz. 

Lastly, the most subtle way, but definitely one of my favorites, is to just add a dash of greenery. Sometimes the smallest of houseplants can bring an immense amount of joy. You can move them around the house and try them in various landing spots. If you've got guests in town, add one to their bedside table. Have open shelving or a bookcase? Top a stack of books with one. The possibilities are endless.

My favorite plants in this category are succulents, air plants and small ferns like maidenhair. Many of these little guys require minimal care, which is always a plus in my book. For example, I'm the proud mom of a mini aloe plant that's now survived under my care (or lack thereof) for over two years!

So, have I convinced you to add some houseplants into your life? I hope so! If you already have them at home, what are some of your favorite kinds? 

P.S. Want to see how more folks use greenery in their homes? Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to all-things-plants!


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