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Welcome to the "Best Of" series! Each Friday I choose a retailer and feature a roundup of my favorite products. To see all the places I've featured in the series, click here.

Happy Friday y'all! Today's Best Of is the final installment in this series - I can't believe I've written thirteenth of these! My how time flies. I'm ending with Etsy*, one of my favorite sites to "shop local" without being local, if you know what I mean. :) There are some amazingly talented makers on that platform, and I'm excited to share about a few of them today!

While I'm a little sad to see this series go - at least for now - it's because I've got a very exciting new project that I'll be writing about on Thursdays for the next six weeks. I'll be jumping in on the One Room Challenge with many other talented designers and bloggers, which means I'll be tackling a whole room makeover over a period of just a few weeks. Stay tuned for more details and make sure to subscribe to the blog at the bottom of this post so you don't miss this makeover. The first post goes live next Thursday, April 6th!

Now onto the good stuff. Let's talk all things Etsy!

I'm sure you're all familiar with this site dedicated to all things handmade and vintage, but in case you need a refresher, Etsy is a platform for creative entrepreneurs to share their wares in their own branded shops. Folks from all over the world can list their items and reach a huge audience thanks to Etsy's reputation as a trusted source. Once upon a time I had a shop myself, but those days are long gone - I think I'll stick to where my talents lie in interiors for now. :) 

Since Etsy is made up of lots of individual shops, I decided that I'd approach this Best Of post by highlighting brands instead of individual products. I know folks shop Etsy for lots of different products, but my go-tos are lighting, pillows and other home decor, and art. The shops I'm covering today all fall into one of those categories!


Chandelier via  Lucent Light Shop

Chandelier via Lucent Light Shop

I have this thing for mid-century style lighting, and Lucent Light Shop and Illuminate Vintage make some of the prettiest fixtures out there. Both have put their own creative spin on that style and come up with some really unique pieces. Also, one great thing about going with one of these shops is that you can often customize your order; if you see something you like, but the dimensions, height, or finish isn't quite right, look into working with them to make the perfect piece!


Pillows via Royal Bohemian Home

Pillows via Royal Bohemian Home

Etsy is one of THE most incredible resources for pillows made from a wealth of designer and vintage fabrics. You know that indigo and tribal trend that you've been seeing everywhere? You can find lots of that on Etsy. Royal Bohemian Home is one of my recent favorites in the vintage fabric pillow category, and she's based right outside of Philadelphia (yay local businesses!). In a couple of weeks, you'll actually get to hear more about that shop directly from its owner. Stay tuned for my first-ever interview on the blog!

Next up: Pill-o-matic. Lately, I feel like I've been sourcing a ton of pillows from them for my clients. Their workmanship is fantastic (they've got a five star rating on over 3,000 reviews), and they've got a wide selection of fabrics and sizes. Their pillows are affordable too!

Also in this category is the beautiful, watercolor-filled shop of Yao Cheng Design. Her designs come on a variety of textiles including things like pillows, napkins and tea towels, and even prints them on gift wrap! If you are into florals or modern geometrics, her shop is definitely one to check out.

And lastly, this one's a bit of a wild card, but it fits under the home decor umbrella. Warm Grey Company makes products out of washable paper (yes, washable!). These inexpensive, lightweight pieces can be used in all sorts of areas in your home. They caught my eye because they're so different. I haven't tried them yet, but they're on my list! 


Seaweed canvas via  ARMINHO

Seaweed canvas via ARMINHO

I've talked about sourcing art on Etsy before in my post on how to find affordable abstract art, but it's worth bringing up again because art accounts for a large number of the shops on there. Yao Cheng Design sells prints and original art featuring her designs, and I recently came across a new-to-me shop that carries a lot of fun, vintage-style illustrations called ARMINHO. They're based out of Portugal, and I think it's so cool that we can have access to makers on the other side of the world thanks to Etsy.


You can either use the links under the image at the top of the post to go to the individual shops, or use the embedded shoppable widget below to find individual products. Simply hover over the item you're interested in (or tap an item with your finger if you're on a mobile device) and click on the black and white plus sign that pops up. Note that some of these items are one-of-a-kind and may be sold out, but if that happens, browse around to see if they've added new listings for the same or similar items!

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That's it for the Best Of series, my friends! If you have any Etsy shops you absolutely love, PLEASE send them my way. I'd love to find more of these awesome creative folks!

P.S. I know Etsy can be totally overwhelming sometimes, but here's one tip I have for finding shops that fit what you're looking for: use Pinterest. Search "Etsy + whatever you're in the market for" and see what other folks have discovered. It's a great tool, and one of the ways I've found some of my favorite shops!

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