Spring Decorating Trends: Colors and The Concept of Cozy

Mix & Match Design Company talks spring 2017 trends. Themes: colors and the concept of cozy.

Every once in awhile I like to chime in on what's hot in the interior design and decorating world. I'm not always one to jump in on trends, but I feel like it's always good to know what's going on and to pay attention to what's influencing them. As we've been approaching spring, I've been noticing a few recurring themes lately, and I thought I'd share four of 'em with y'all today and get your thoughts too! So feel free to add in your two cents here in the comments, or head on over to Instagram - I'll be chatting about them there too!

Muddy Pastels

Blush and muddy turquoise modern swivel chairs.
Muddy pastels floral arrangement by Hey Look

Left image via West Elm, right image via Hey Look

Though pastels have always been associated with spring (hello Easter eggs!), this year I'm seeing them pop up in a not-quite-so-bright palette. It's like somebody tossed a little bit of gray into colors like blush, light blue, and green to produce moodier and pulled back hues. I've especially noticed these colors showing up on fabrics/upholstery, in paint colors, and in florals (which totally count as decor, by the way). Along those same lines, I'm seeing warmer whites and ivories make a comeback as well.

Deep Blues and Greens

The Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia. Cabinet paint color: "Seaworthy" by Sherwin Williams.

The Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia (via Design Sponge)

Yes, yes, I know I just told you that muddy pastels are in, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, so are some really deep tones that can add a lot of depth to a space. Think along the lines of rich navy and hunter green. The image above from the Lokal Hotel is a perfect example of that perfect touch of dark blue. I love how they painted the cabinetry and all the decorative trim in that pretty hue. It mixes beautifully with brass or nickel metals, and natural wood too. 

Texture, Texture and More Texture

Magnolia Home Collection from Pier1

via Magnolia Home collection from Pier 1

People seem to be craving cozy (see the next trend below for more on that idea!) these days, especially as winter continues to linger in so many parts of the country. But even as warmer weather starts to make an appearance, texture won't be going away. In the spring, bring in texture in the form of pillows with dimension like the ones above from Joanna Gaines's new collection at Pier 1, pop in some natural fiber baskets, and add plants with lots of trailing green leaves.

The Concept of Hygge (Pronounced "Hoo-gah")

Hygge: a spring decorating trend

via Planete Deco

This single Danish word describes an entire lifestyle - one that involves a feeling of comfort, living a simple, happy life, and fostering community. I've been hearing about this idea for awhile now (there's even a restaurant here in Philadelphia called "Bar Hygge!"), but I feel like it has exploded into the forefront in recent weeks. So how is this a decorating trend? Well, creating a cozy home environment is a critical part of living that hygge lifestyle! Bring on the cozy blankets, candles, and warm conversations over a good meal. I'm so intrigued by the concept of hygge, and I'd say it aligns pretty perfectly with what I've been writing about recently in this post about my story, and this post about why Mix & Match exists. If you want to read more about hygge, you might want to check out this book* - it's currently on my reading list!

To Wrap It Up...

This spring, it's all about adding soft colors, depth, and coziness to your home. I'm planning on incorporating these trends into my home in a few simple ways by changing up my throw pillows and burning more wonderfully scented candles (not that I don't already do that!). 

Now tell me, what do you think about these trends? Are they ones that you think you'll jump into?


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