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Welcome to the "Best Of" series! Each Friday I choose a retailer and feature a roundup of my favorite products. If there's a particular shop you'd like to see, please leave a comment, or use the contact form with the subject line, "Best Of Request." To see all the places I've featured in the series, click here.

Urban Outfitters* is a great source for laid back and a little quirky home decor and furniture. The pieces they carry tend to fall into one of a few different styles like bohemian, vintage modern, and mid-century. Most everything is very reasonably priced as well. Affordable and well-designed? I'll take it!

I'll admit, sometimes their items can be a little out there and, um, strange - at least for me - but there are a lot of gems too. You just have to be patient and be willing to sift through some of the more "outrageous" pieces. :) I've found a great selection for clients and myself over the years, and I'm always interested in keeping track of what's new in their home section. They carry all the normal things you'd think of at a home-focused store like sofas, chairs and tables, but they also have things you might not expect, like removable wallpaper, framed art prints, bedding (duvets, shams, quilts, etc.), and kitchenware. 

One word of warning about UO's rug selection: a lot of their rugs are cotton, and the pattern is printed directly onto it. This isn't a necessarily a bad thing - in fact, I have one of them in my office - but it does mean that they don't do well in high traffic areas. Their prices and designs are fantastic though, especially if you love the bohemian look. Just make sure you pay attention to the material! 

When I was pulling together my round up, I decided to focus mostly on their smaller items, and I found plenty of goodness! I figured I'd highlight a few of my favorites because sometimes it helps to have a little bit of context to go along with the images. :)

Matro Wood Coffee Table ($349): This piece is a great size, y'all, and would look great in so many different styles of living rooms. The wood grain on this is ridiculously pretty. The beauty of this piece is in its simplicity, I think.

Single Herb Wall Planter ($14): At that price, you can afford to buy a bunch of these and create a beautiful statement plant wall. Group an odd number together (3, 5, more?) and you'll be set. I may be doing just that soon enough in my kitchen. We'll see!

Faceted Utensil Holder ($20): This may be advertised as a utensil holder, but it would also make a cute little vase, or a great piece of decor on a bookshelf. The blue/green color is currently backordered, but it also comes in blush and black, which are both in stock.

Leni Leaning Floor Mirror ($139): A small space workhorse is what this mirror is! Not only do you get a full length mirror, you also get some hooks out of this deal - use them for items like scarves, jewelry, or handbags.

Fallon Storage Bench (on sale! $229): Wide enough to span the end of the bed or a great size for a mudroom, this bench is versatile. It's currently $100 off the original price, so don't miss out on a great deal!

Tufted Courduroy Floor Pillows (on sale! 2 for $70): It's kind of hard to tell from the image, but these are small scale floor pillows (they measure 18"x18"). They're made from corduroy, so I'm guessing they feel pretty soft! Plus, they come in a variety of colors, so there is sure to be one that will work well in your home. Grab a few and create a cozy reading corner, or line them up on a window seat for extra comfort.

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So tell me, do y'all have favorite finds at Urban Outfitters?

I hope y'all have wonderful weekends! 

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