Pinterest 100: Top Trends For 2018 (And My Thoughts About Them)

Every year, Pinterest publishes their "Pinterest 100" - 100 trends they expect to see in the coming year based on data they collect from searches across their top categories. They take note of significant search spikes and then share the top ten in categories like home, fashion, and beauty. It's really interesting to read through and take note of what folks are searching for these days. 

Since this is an interior design and decorating blog, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the ten they listed out in the Home category along with a few thoughts I had when I read about them. In other words, which ones am I pumped about? And which ones are getting a big ole thumbs down? I definitely have some opinions about these! I'll give a little explanation about each trend and then answer the question of "Oh yeah or oh no?" to tell you how I'm feeling about them.

I'd love for you to chime in as well with your thoughts either in the comments or over on Instagram

Let's discuss, shall we?

Resort-Inspired Style

2018 home decor trends: spa-like bathrooms, resort-style bathrooms

via How To Decorate

When I first read the phrase "resort-inspired style," my mind immediately went to dreamy vacation spots on the coast, and that's exactly what this trend is all about. Think spa-like beach homes, and rattan furniture and decor. I believe this look may be trending for a number of reasons - a big one being that we all probably feel like we could use an escape from this crazy world we're living in these days. :) We can't always get away from it all and head to Florida, so this trend is all about bringing that look and feel into your own home. 

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh yeah! I'm definitely on board with this one. I love the idea of bringing those vacation vibes into your own home in any way that you can. 

The Magic Of Metallics

2018 home decor trends: mixed metals (how to mix metals)

via Studio McGee

This trend is all about mixing metals - gold with polished nickel, brass with matte name it. The combinations are endless. It can be a little tricky to master the mix, but a good rule of thumb is to repeat each metal more than once to make it feel intentional. Or, if you're trying to highlight a particular focal point in a space, using a metal in just that one spot can draw your eye right to it and give it that wow factor.

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh yeah! I love mixing metals, and I actually prefer it most of the time. It gives a room a more eclectic, collected-over-time look when it's done well.

Hello, Terrazzo

2018 home decor trends: terrazzo

via sf girl by bay

The '70s are back! Terrazzo, if you're not familiar with it, is a material consisting of chips of marble or granite set in concrete and polished to give a smooth surface. You see it most often in flooring, walls, and countertops, and there are a ton of style and color variations out there. These modern versions are typically more vibrant and cool-looking than the material you're used to seeing in old school, dated government buildings and schools. 

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh no! I have a feeling this trend will be short-lived and once again feel dated. Since so much of the time it's installed in something fairly permanent - like floors or walls - I worry that you would get sick of it long before it was time to replace it.

Bone Inlay Tile

2018 home decor trends: bone inlay furniture (dressers, nightstands, mirrors, etc.)

via Serena & Lily on Instagram

Bone inlay has been around for a long time (centuries!), and I actually feel like it was on trend lists just a few years ago too. Does anyone else remember that? Either way, bone inlay is gorgeous, super-detailed, and packs a lot of punch. It tends to be the focal point in a room, so you want to be thoughtful about where and how you use it. It fits in well with a surprising number of styles too - from traditional all the way to Moroccan.

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh yeah! I think bone inlay has a pretty timeless look even though it's "trending." It'll be that piece that everybody talks about when they come over for a visit.

Herringbone Patterns

2018 home decor trends: herringbone patterns (herringbone floors, tiles)

via My Domaine

Herringbone is another classic that's seen a major comeback over the past year or so, and apparently it's only getting more popular according to Pinterest! You see the pattern often in wood and tile floors all over homes, but especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways, and in backsplash tile as well.

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh yeah! Herringbone is one of my absolute favorites and I'm so excited to see it making waves again in the home design world. I especially love it when it's created with long, skinny flooring materials - either with wood like you see in the photo above or with dark tile.

Statement Doors

2018 home decor trends: bold doors (statement doors, bright front doors)

via Domino (Photo: Look Linger Love)

Apparently everybody wants their front doors to pop! You're seeing more out-of-the-box color choices and brighter colors with this trend. The other place you're seeing colorful doors is on the inside. Instead of the typical white to match the white trim, you're seeing folks get a little more adventurous with their interior doors - albeit typically with more subdued tones or really dark colors.

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh yeah! A front door is definitely a great place to add color to your home, and I'm even on board with colorful interior doors as long as they don't make a space feel too broken up or disjointed.

Patterned Plants

2018 trends in home decor: patterned plants

via The Jungalow

Houseplants were big in 2017, and they're going to continue to be huge this year. "Patterned plants" may sound like a strange term, but all it means is that people are interested in plants with a lot of variation in their leaves like the prayer plant you see here. 

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh yeah! I've brought more and more houseplants into my home over the past year, and I'm slowly turning into a crazy plant lady! The patterned plant idea was a new one to me, and I'm excited to do some research to see what other ones are out there.

The Fifth Wall (Statement Ceilings)

2018 home decor trends: wallpapered ceiling / statement ceilings

via Lark & Linen

Ceilings are usually the forgotten "fifth wall" in a room and are typically painted white, but with this trend on the rise, they won't be for long! You'll start to see more and more ceilings with bolder paint choices and wallpaper this year. It can be an unexpected place to add style and can really make a room feel polished and intentionally designed.

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh yeah! I find I'm only growing more and more fond of wallpaper these days, and it would be so fun to take on a project where a client was up for using it on a ceiling. It has to be the right ceiling, but I'm definitely on board when that opportunity comes along.

Big Wall Art

2018 home decor trends: large scale art / oversized art

via Style Me Pretty (Design: Blackband Design)

Apparently gallery walls are on their way out and instead, oversized art will be taking over. Posters, blown-up photographs, and large works of art are becoming more and more popular ways to decorate those blank walls. Their visual impact is undeniable, but they can start to get pretty pricey - especially when it comes to framing them. 

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh yeah! I do still love a good gallery wall in some scenarios, but in general, I'm on board with bigger art pieces. When it comes to wall decor, I would much rather have one large piece than a bunch of tiny little frames grouped together. 

Sage Is The New Neutral

2018 home decor trends: sage (kitchen cabinets, furniture, decor)

via HGTV

According to Pinterest, sage is the new neutral - it coordinates and meshes well with a lot of colors. If you haven't already, you'll begin to notice it as a popular kitchen cabinet color and you're also seeing it as a wall color (often in bedrooms). The key is to make sure it falls into the dusty, soft hue category to really fit that sage green look.

Oh yeah or oh no? Oh yeah! I like this gentle color. It doesn't exactly scream neutral to me, but I do think of navy as a neutral, so perhaps I'll change my mind on that! Though I'm not sure I could commit to painting my kitchen cabinets sage, it does look pretty amazing mixed with hardware in a warm metal like brass. My one hesitation is that it can easily veer into avocado green territory and look dated. The perfect sage isn't always easy to nail down!

The final verdict on these Pinterest-defined trends? It would seem that I'm on board with 9/10 of them! So many of them don't feel like true trends though this year - they seem more like fresh takes on classics, which I think may be why I'm into so many of them.

So tell me! What are your thoughts on this list of trends? Do you have one that you're particularly excited about or perhaps not so psyched about? I'd love to know!


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