Console Tables and Round Mirrors: A Perfect Combination

Decorating tip: use a round mirror over console table in your entryway - it's a perfect pairing.

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The phrase "opposites attract" couldn't be more accurate when it comes to the pairing of console tables and round mirrors. Their round shape has a way of softening up the sharp angles of the table, and this combo is my go-to in an entryway - especially in one that could stand to be a little brighter. Mirrors can bounce light and make a room feel larger, and who doesn't want those two things in their home?! (Side note: I wrote a whole post on using mirrors in your home, so if you'd like some further reading on that topic, head on over here.)

Farmhouse style entryway in the Hamptons with a beautiful console + mirror combination.

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Console tables are a great asset in an entryway for a lot of reasons: they make a great first impression, provide a drop zone for when you come in the door, and create a focal point for that space without taking up a lot of visual real estate because of their openness. 

Coastal glam entryway from One Kings Lane.

via One Kings Lane

When you're choosing a mirror/console combo, one thing you want to think about is scale. One thing that makes me cringe is when a mirror looks dinky in relation to the size of the entry table. Bigger is almost always better in this case - the only thing I would generally recommend is to avoid going with a mirror whose diameter is larger than the width of your console table. That will cause the opposite of the dinky mirror problem - you'll end up with a dinky-looking console table instead. ;)

That being said, oversized mirrors are really hot right now, and I've gotta say, I love that look. If you go that route though, make sure your console table can handle a giant mirror!

Bright and colorful entryway with console table, mirror and upholstered stools from Stephanie Kraus Designs.

via Stephanie Kraus Designs

In addition to thinking about scale, once you've got your mirror in hand, make sure you hang the mirror at the right height. Most console tables are 30" high (double check that's true of yours!), and you want the center of the mirror to hang at eye level. Hanging it at that height looks great, and it's practical - you want to actually be able to use the mirror to check your teeth before you head out the door, don't you? :) Average eye level is about 60" from the ground, which you can use as a good a general rule when you're hanging just about anything on the wall if it's above a piece of furniture that's up to 30" high, or if there's nothing under it. 

But, since the hanging mechanism for a mirror isn't smack dab in the center, you'll need to do a little bit of math to figure out where to place your nail/picture hanger to make sure the center is 60" from the ground. If you've got a round mirror, take the radius of the mirror and subtract the distance from the hanging mechanism to the edge of the mirror, then add 60 to that number. That's where your nail/picture hanger should go.

Whew! Enough math for the day!

Cozy mid-century eclectic entryway.

via House of Jade

So! Those are my two cents on the magical pairing of a mirror and console table. If you have questions, feel free to ask away in the comments!

Lastly, stay tuned, because I'll be back on Friday showing you how to Get the Look of two of these entryways! Since you only need a few pieces in that space, this is an easy, budget-friendly update that you can easily conquer in an afternoon. It will have a big impact on this little part of your home, and it'll make a great first impression when your guests walk through the door!

Gorgeous coastal entryway in a stunning Palos Verdes home.

via My Domaine

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