Get the Look: White & Wood Coastal Boho Dining Room


via Adore Magazine (Photo: Hannah Blackmore)

Psst! Have you been following along with the new Get the Look series? These posts go up every Friday here on the blog. In them, I take a photo of a beautifully designed space and find the look-a-like pieces you can purchase that will mimic the room's look and feel.


This open concept living/dining room proves that you don't have to use a lot of color to create a beautiful room! Here, it's all about playing with textures to add visual interest and keep your eye moving. For today's "Get the Look" I'm focusing on the dining part of the space, but I do want you to recognize how seamless the transition is between the dining and living areas.

When you have multipurpose spaces like this, it's important include unifying elements that make the entire space feel cohesive and well thought out. The white and wood theme is carried into both, and the result is a peaceful, calm and inviting spot - perfect for entertaining or a quiet evening at home! 

The one thing I would change about this dining area is that I would go with a larger rug instead of a runner under the table. I prefer not to have to worry about chair legs getting caught on the edge of rug - a good rule of thumb is to have at least 24 inches of rug on all sides. I will say that the runner looks pretty cool in this space though. It grounds the table nicely in an otherwise open room!

Get the look of this beautiful white and wood coastal boho dining room from Adore Magazine.

The total cost for this look (if you go with six of the wishbone dining chairs) is about $2,100, making it pretty budget-friendly overall!

To really get this look, you're going to need a two-tone dining table, which will require a little bit of DIYing. :) By painting the legs white and leaving the top stained, you'll get a custom look and it will give the trestle dining table a lighter, more beachy feel.

So tell me, what do you think of this tone-on-tone room? Is this a look you would go for in your home? 

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