Five No-Fail Ways To Decorate Around Your Bed

How to decorate around a bed. Eclectic boho bedroom. // Hang art over bed, hang above bed

Design: Katie Hodges, photography: Amy Bartlam 

Over the past couple of months, I've found myself working on some fantastic bedroom projects with my e-design clients, and one part of that process is deciding how to decorate around the bed. In other words, what should go on the walls? Should we hang art above it? A mirror? Add framed photos to either side? Leave it empty and open? There are lots of possibilities, which is good news(!), but sometimes having too many options can be slightly paralyzing and leave you feeling indecisive. 

Well fear not, my friends. Today I'm going to walk you through a few of my favorite options for filling those walls around your bed and how I figure out what will work well in a particular space. I've pulled together some great examples from around the web to demonstrate some of those can't-go-wrong ideas. I made sure to include several different styles too - my hope is that there's a little something for everyone in this post and that you'll leave feeling confident to get out there and fill those empty walls in your bedrooms!

(P.S. need art suggestions? I've got two posts for you that are full of them! Head on over here and here to check out my recommendations.)

To start, you'll want to think about the big picture of what's going on already in your room. Take a minute to jot down the answers to the questions below to help guide your thought process on what options you have:

  • What's your ceiling height?
  • What unchangeable architectural elements are around your bed? Windows? Solid wall? Sloped ceiling?
  • What kind of bed/headboard do you have? Is it tall, short, curvy, minimalist? And how much space do you have between the ceiling and your bed?
  • What kind of environment do you live in? For example, if you live in an earthquake state, you may not want a big ole heavy mirror hanging above your head!

Now that you have those things in mind, let's dive into some of the possibilities. Of course, now that you've thought about your space, not all of these ideas will necessarily work, but that's the goal, right? We have to narrow things down so you can make a decision and act on it. :) If you have low ceilings and a tall headboard, hanging a large piece of art may not be a good fit, but hanging art on either side might be!

Option 1: Hang framed art or photos above the bed

How to decorate around a bed. One option: hang art centered on the wall above the headboard. (Design: Oh, I Design) // traditional bedroom, neutral bedroom, upholstered bed

via Oh, I Design

One of the simplest solutions that works in many, many rooms is to hang art or photos above the bed. Most of the time, beds are placed against a wall with a big, blank space above it, which just begs for something to hang above it. You can either hang a single, large piece or a collection of a few pieces. For a classic look, go symmetrical, or if you're feeling a little more eclectic and adventurous, mix up the size and placement.

How to decorate around a bed. Option: hang a large piece of art on the wall above the bed. (Design: Becki Owens) // neutral bedroom, art above bed, upholstered bed, feminine bedroom.
How to decorate around a bed. Option: hang an eclectic collection of art on the wall above the bed. (Design: West Elm) // mid-century bedroom, eclectic bedroom, neutral bedroom, mudcloth pillows

via West Elm

How to decorate around a bed. Hang a single piece of art above the bed (Design: Repurposed) // modern bohemian bedroom, art above bed, diy art

via Brepurposed

Option 2: Hang a mirror centered above the bed

How to decorate around a bed. Option: Hang a mirror above the bed. (Design: Lauren Geremia via Architectural Digest) // gray bedroom, round mirror in bedroom, captain's mirror in bedroom, angled ceiling bedroom

via Architectural Digest

When I go with the mirror above the bed option, I often like to choose a shape that's complementary to the shape of the bed. For example, I might use a round mirror if the bed has straight lines and hard angles. If it has curves or is more dramatic in shape, the opposite would be true - a simpler mirror may work best.

How to decorate around a bed. Option: Mirror above bed. (Design: Sarah Bartholomew) // traditional bedroom, mirror over bed, white bedroom, transitional bedroom
How to decorate around beds. Option: hang round mirrors above twin beds (Design: Andrew Brown) //twin bedroom, guest bedroom, neutral bedroom, traditional modern bedroom

via Birmingham Home & Garden

Option 3: Hang framed art or photos on either side of the bed above your nightstands

How to decorate around a bed. Option: hang stacked art above a nightstand (Design: Studio McGee). // coastal modern bedroom, gray headboard, three drawer chest nightstand 

via Studio McGee

Symmetry can be your friend when you're designing a room, and this is especially true when it comes to hanging art or photos above your bedside tables. The pieces don't need to be identical (in fact, I like when they're not!), but to keep it looking cohesive, I do like to choose ones that have the same finish. You can go with a single piece on either side or try the "stacked" look - two pieces, one on top of the other. 

How to decorate around a bed. Example: Add art on either side of the bed. (Design: Serena and Lilly) // coastal bedroom, art above nightstands, eclectic bedroom.
How to decorate walls in a bedroom: hang art above nightstands (Design: Nicole Davis). // neutral transitional bedroom, art above bedside tables, coastal modern bedroom

via Nicole Davis

Option 4: Hang matching mirrors on either side of the bed

How to decorate around a bed. Option: Hang matching mirrors on either side of the bed above nightstands or bedside tables. (Design: Studio McGee) // neutral bedroom, mirrors above nightstands, white bedroom, transitional bedroom, modern traditional bedroom

via Studio McGee

Mirrors have the ability to open up a room and act like windows, so if you have a small space or a long, windowless wall, this is a great option. Go with a simple rectangle, circle, or oval shape if you have a lot of other patterns and colors going on in the rest of the room, or if you need to add some visual interest, introduce mirrors in fun shapes or colors. One thing I like about using mirrors above nightstands is the ability to go with a "non-practical" one since you probably won't be using it in the way you would a bathroom mirror or full-length mirror. 

How to decorate around a bed. Option: add round mirrors on either side above nightstands. (Design: Amber Interiors) // bohemian bedroom, mid-century boho bedroom, colorful bedroom, california style bedroom
How to decorate around a bed. Option: hang mirrors above nightstands. (Design: Natalie Nasser via Ballard Designs) // mirrors above nightstands, mirrors above bedside tables, gray and white bedroom, traditional bedroom, transitional bedroom

via Ballard Designs

Option 5: Leave the walls empty!

How to decorate around a bed: leave the walls blank! Let the architecture shine. // colorful bedroom, eclectic bedroom, pink bedroom, boho bedroom, bohemian eclectic bedroom

via HGTV

Sometimes, less is more. Don't feel like you have to hang anything just because that's what it seems like you're supposed to do. Maybe you're more of a minimalist and prefer simplicity. Perhaps you've got a bed that's already a major focal point and you don't want (or need!) to introduce anything else to detract attention away from it. Or maybe there's an architectural that you want to emphasize. The only caution I have here is to challenge you to figure out if you're leaving it empty because you've got decorating commitment issues or if you truly like how it looks that way - those are my two cents! ;) 

That being said, there are lots of gorgeous examples of bedrooms where there isn't anything on the walls above or around the bed. The ones here show you just how pretty it can be!

How to decorate around a bed. Option: leave the walls empty! (Design: Studio McGee) // gray and green bedroom, neutral bedroom, traditional modern bedroom, studio mcgee bedroom
How to decorate around a bed: Leave the walls empty and let another element shine like this black and white patterned headboard. // animal print headboard, blue white pink bedroom, modern eclectic bedroom.

via Lonny 

So there you have it! Five ways to decorate the walls around your bed. I hope this helps you fill those empty walls with confidence!

On a final note, know that there are many, many ways and styles of decorating - I only touched on a few simple ones that I thought would be most helpful. Don't be afraid to put your own spin on them. You're not limited to only putting a mirror over the bed or only hanging art on either side - you can do both in the right space! Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions!

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Discover five no-fail ways to decorate around a bed. // art above bed, mirrors above bed, art above nightstands, mirrors above bedside tables

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