Five Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

Hang artificial or real garland on your stair railing as Christmas decor. For more simple holiday decorating ideas, head to the Mix & Match blog! // simple Christmas decor, simple holiday decor, minimalist Christmas decorations

Our stair railing this year

Raise your hand if you're opting to keep things simple on the decorating front this holiday season! If you are, I'm right there with you. Over the weekend, I started to decorate our row home for Christmas - just little touches here and there - and I found that I'm pretty content with not hauling up all of the ornaments and other decorations this year. I definitely want our home to feel festive (I do love this season for many reasons), but it's not going to be anything over the top this time around. 

As I was decorating, I got to thinking: what kinds of creative, yet simple Christmas decor ideas are out there? Turns out, there are quite a few! After doing some Pinterest-hunting and browsing a few corners of the Internet, I came up with five simple ways to decorate for this holiday season, and I'm excited to share them with you today!

Let's get started, shall we? 

1 | Plop a small Christmas tree in a basket and light it up

Feeling overwhelmed about how to decorate your home this holiday season? Keep your Christmas decor simple this year. Grab a small Christmas tree, use a basket as a base, put some lights on it, and call it a day! // Scandinavian Christmas, simple Christmas decor, minimalist Christmas.

via The Merry Thought

I love having a real Christmas tree in the house for the season, but the prospect of hauling it from a tree farm (or our local Whole Foods or hardware store - let's be real!), wrestling it into the house, decorating it, and dealing with the inevitable needle aftermath can feel overwhelming. Why not try a low-key version of that experience this year? I would argue that a small tree, decorated with a few strands of lights and plopped in a pretty basket, can be just as beautiful as a large one adorned with tons of ornaments - especially if you're into a minimalist Scandinavian feel. Just take one look at that image from The Merry Thought above if you need convincing (I'm also digging those little fairy lights* she used). If you're big on ornaments, or have kids that love to decorate the tree every year, this may not work for you, but otherwise, give it a try!

I even found a few affordable basket ideas for you if you need one for your tree:

2 | Hang garland just about anywhere for big impact

Adding greenery to your home in the form of a pine, cedar, or mixed garland is one of the most impactful ways to decorate for the holidays, and it's also one of the simplest and quickest! // hang garland, how to hang greenery, Christmas garland, artificial garland on railing, hang garland on stairs

Mix & Match Design Company

Adding greenery to your home in the form of a pine, cedar, or mixed garland is one of the most impactful ways to decorate for the holidays, and it's also one of the simplest and quickest! You can go real or artificial, and you can choose to decorate it or leave it all natural - there are lots of possibilities. Drape them across a mantle or over a doorway, or swag them down a stair railing.

Last year I hung a real cedar garland on our bannister, which looked lovely, but this year I opted to use the faux sage and pine garlands from the Magnolia Hearth & Home collection at Target. I'm super impressed by how real they look, and bonus - no dried out garland to clean up at the end! You can catch a glimpse of it on our railing here and in the first photo.

Side note: If you go faux with your garland, it's worth doing your research and investing in good ones that look as real as possible (hint: stock up when they go on sale after Christmas!).

3 | Hang a group of wreaths together

Cluster several wreaths together above a fireplace or on a wall for a big impact when you decorate your home this holiday season. // Christmas wreaths, creative Christmas decor, creative holiday decor ideas, simple holiday decorating

via One Kings Lane

Wreaths are one of those ubiquitous Christmas decorations that instantly makes your home feel holiday-ready. While hanging one on the front door is a great place to start, why not try something a little more creative by clustering several together in one spot? Above a fireplace mantle (like in the example here) is a prime area, or use a long stretch of wall. No open spots? Try taking down a piece of art or mirror and replacing it with wreaths for this season - it's an easy swap! For easy hanging, use 3M Command Hooks that won't damage your walls when the season is over and it's time to re-hang the original items.

4 | String up home made (or store bought!) holiday-themed buntings or garlands

Hang a few holiday-themed buntings or garlands together for simple Christmas decor. // Scandinavian Christmas decorating, simple holiday decor, minimalist holiday decor

via Bungalow 5

Ready to show off your crafty side? How about putting together some holiday-themed bead garlands or paper buntings? Just like with the wreath idea, if you hang multiples together, it will have a greater visual impact and feel extra festive. Make sure you change up the sizes and materials to give it that collected look like in the photo above. These are easy to make, but do take some time - grab some supplies, a glass of wine and some friends, and make it into a little party!

If you're not the crafty type, have no fear. There are a ton of ready-to-hang options out there. Here are a few of my picks:

5 | Fill vases with pine branches

Fill vases with pine branches as simple holiday decor. // branch in vase, simple Christmas decor, minimalist holiday decor, Scandinavian Christmas decor

via House Number 15

Head to any place that's selling Christmas trees and I'll bet they have a pile of trimmed-off branches nearby. They're often headed to the trash or being recycled, so ask if you can take some home for free! Those cast-off branches become charming holiday touches when "planted" in a vase of water. They're a great addition to a console table, as a part of your dining room centerpiece, or on a bedroom dresser - really any spot that needs a little sprinkle of holiday cheer. You can even add a couple of lightweight ornaments!

All right, friends! That wraps up my list of five easy holiday decorating ideas! I'd love to hear yours too. Leave a comment or hop on over to Instagram to chime in!

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