Get the Look: Mid-Century Southwestern Bedroom

Get the look of this mid-century southwestern bedroom on the Mix & Match Blog

Happy Friday, y'all! It's time for a new Get the Look post. I'm excited to share this one with you because I'm integrating a style I haven't really used before - southwestern! I mixed it in with my beloved mid-century modern look and ended up with an inviting, slightly masculine bedroom that is streamlined, yet cozy. I'm pretty into it! I can picture this look in a number of different settings too - it would be a natural fit in an industrial city loft, mountain house, or out in the desert.

I issued myself a few challenges when I set out to design this space (I do love a good challenge!):

  • Stick with a warm color palette - this is definitely a departure from my normal default to cool colors.
  • No blue - it's my absolute favorite color (it's basically a neutral in my book) and I use it in almost every design, but I wanted to see if I could create a room without it.
  • Use non-white bedding - I'll always be a die-hard white duvet gal, but I recently got a request on Instagram to design a bedroom with a non-white duvet for pet-friendliness reasons, so I figured, let's make it happen here! 

Overall, I think I checked the boxes on these. The only thing I fudged a little bit was that I let a teeny bit of blue sneak in in the abstract artwork above the bed. The piece was just too perfect! I'll let that one slide. 😉

As far as inspiration goes, I found four images that spoke to the look I was going for with this mid-century southwestern theme. You'll notice that they all have that slightly masculine look and use a lot of warm woods, touches of black, and have a nod to that tribal/desert idea somewhere like in a rug or throw pillows. Take a peek below!

Inspiration for a mid-century southwestern bedroom look
Inspiration for a mid-century southwestern bedroom look
Inspiration for a mid-century southwestern bedroom look
Inspiration for a mid-century southwestern bedroom look

via Loom & Kiln

So with that background in mind, let's take a closer look at the design I put together alongside the inspiration images! To shop the look, scroll down and you'll find the links to each piece. 

Mid-Century Meets Southwestern Bedroom

Get the look of this mid-century southwestern style bedroom on the Mix & Match blog! // warm colors in bedroom, mid-century modern bedroom, tribal bedroom

This bedroom is a great mix of high and low pieces. That's my usual M.O. when I'm designing - I like to choose a couple of "investment" pieces and then add in some affordable ones to balance it out.

The long lumbar pillow was the first piece I found, and the room came together quickly after that. It was the perfect color guide for the rest of the space and since it was such a statement, I could keep the rest of the bedding simple! For those of you who hate having a lot of pillows on your bed, this look is for you - all you need is a couple of standard shams and a long lumbar and you're set. That linen duvet is a great neutral base too.

The actual bed is a little hard to see in this setup, but it's a pretty unique one, so I wanted to draw your attention to it. It has a lovely wood base, but it also has a tufted charcoal upholstered panel in the headboard. The mix of materials is what attracted me to it.  I like having a touch of softness in a room that has so much wood. 

I'm a big fan of those mid-century modern sconces flanking the bed - the black and brass combo brings this space up a click on the sophistication scale, but they're still simple. Sconces are great for bedrooms - they free up space on nightstands and provide great reading light. These are plug in too, so no electrical work required!

Across from the bed, I created a little seating area with a modern gray chair that's super affordable and added a little walnut side table next to it. I love the idea of having a place to sit, read, and sip coffee in a bedroom.

Finally, the dresser. Isn't it a beauty? I'm digging the long wood pulls and the elevated metal base. It's part modern, part industrial, and I'm ALL in on it. It's an investment, but it has a pretty timeless look, so it's one you can keep for the long haul, even if you decide to change up other elements in the bedroom!

So what do you think of this mid-century meets southwestern bedroom? Would you bring this look into your home? 


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