Get the Look: Modern Scandinavian Bedroom

Beautiful mid-century modern meets Scandinavian bedroom with neutral colors and natural wood details.

via Studio McGee

Hello hello, my friends! Have y'all missed me this week? As I mentioned last Friday, I took a break from my usual Tuesday blog post because I wanted to be fully present for the Design Bloggers Conference that was happening in LA during the first part of this week. I had a blast, met a ton of amazing folks, and have lots of ideas running through my head that I can't wait to put into practice.

Being away also gave me some time to think about how I run this Get the Look series. Y'all have told me how much you enjoy it and I'm SO glad, but I realized that I wanted to take it up a notch and make a few changes. Rather than focusing on recreating a single space, I'm now going to be gathering several inspiration images that all echo a similar style and then design a room around them. Like before, I'll share the furniture and decor and offer a little commentary - it will just look a little bit different! 

These adjustments allow me to be a little more creative and it also more closely echoes the e-design process I go through with clients. So if you've been interested in working with me through e-design, these posts will give you a little peek into how I take inspiration images a client provides and turn them into a design for their home.

With all of that in mind, let's jump into this new spin on the Get the Look series with one of my favorite styles: modern Scandinavian! This week, I'll be designing a bedroom with this vibe in mind. I can't wait to show it to you!

This simple, minimalist bedroom has a modern Scandinavian look with its neutral colors, cozy textures, and wall trim details.

via Huisjeaandehaven

As you scroll through the inspiration images I chose, you'll notice that the modern Scandinavian look is full of neutral colors, warm woods, and lots of texture. It feels cool and collected, but definitely has a bit of an edge.

This look is also fairly minimalist overall - it doesn't have a lot of frills. This makes it a perfect look for a bedroom if you're looking to create a space that's cozy and calm. It's got that inviting hygge feeling, but with a bit of a twist thanks to the clean-lined, mid-century modern furniture and decor. 

A cozy neutral bedroom with linen bedding and modern furniture. It has a lovely minimalist Scandinavian vibe going on!

via Coco Lapine Design

Note all the grays, beiges, wood tones, and blacks - they all blend together beautifully, don't you think? Now, if you're a color lover, this look probably isn't for you (ha!), but if you're into neutrals, you're probably all over this!

This beautiful modern meets Scandinavian bedroom is full of texture, neutral bedding and textiles, and warm woods. Plus, how amazing is that plant in the corner!?

via Domino

Besides the overall look and feel of these inspiration images, did you notice the one item they all had in common? A plant! Greenery adds that tiny bit of whimsy and life that these neutral spaces need. So if you decide to create a room like this in your own home, be sure to include a plant or two - whether it's a giant tree like this last image, or a smaller tabletop version.

All right, let's take a look at the pieces I chose to recreate this modern Scandinavian bedroom! Scroll on down to see the furniture and decor I chose, and then read a little bit about why I decided on these particular items. You can also Pin the graphic below for future reference if you want to come back to it later.

Modern meets Scandinavian in this calming neutral bedroom. Note the warm wood tones in the slatted bed and upholstered bench, the cozy linen bedding, and clean-lined furniture. Get the sources for all of these items over on the Mix & Match blog!

Modern Slatted Wood Bed* | Brass & Glass Table Lamp with USB | Modern Scandinavian Black Side Table | White Linen Duvet Set | Gray Linen Pillowcase | Color Block Lumbar Pillow | Gray Stripe Throw Pillow | Gray Scandinavian Area Rug | Charcoal Tufted Modern Bench | Knit Sweater Blanket | Photography Art Print (Boat On The Water) | Large Storage Basket | Faux Palm Leaf Plant

The first piece I chose for this room was the modern slatted wood bed. It toed the line between mid-century and Scandinavian beautifully, and I loved the immediate warmth it adds to the space.

I played a lot with texture and subtle pattern with the textiles and had a lot of fun choosing bed linens and a rug that would complement one another, but not be too matchy. I wanted to make sure it had that "collected over time" feel, but also looked polished and pretty.

That brass and white table lamp is more than just a pretty face - it has an oh-so-handy USB port right in the base, which makes charging devices super easy! I'm starting to see this more and more commonly these days in table lamps and I love the feature.

And finally, to further the calm, minimalist vibe, I picked out a photography print from Minted (one of my favorite art sources!) that has a single boat anchored out on calm waters. It's such a simple scene and I love the composition (in other words, the point of view that the photographer chose).

OK! So tell me - what's your favorite piece in this space? And what do you think about this new spin on the Get the Look series?

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*Disclaimers: Affiliate links were used in this post, which means Mix & Match Design Company earns a small commission from your purchase at no cost to you. Note that these pieces are intended to mimic the look of the inspiration photo shown, but before making a purchase, always be sure to check that the piece will fit in your home! 


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