Get the Look: Mountain Modern Living Room

Get the look of this mountain modern living room // modern rustic living room with bohemian and and mid-century touches

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After last week's Mid-Century Meets Southwest Bedroom post, I wanted to continue the warm, modern vibes this week and add a "mountain house" twist to it. I brought in some rustic pieces and added some art that's reminiscent of being tucked away on a peak somewhere in the middle of nature. Of course I can never stick to one style, so you'll see a mix here, but overall, "Mountain Modern" seems to describe it best.  

This living room would actually fit in right alongside last week's bedroom come to think of it. It shares a pretty similar color palette and has that same slightly masculine feel. If you're in the midst of designing a home and are going for this look, heck, you're halfway to having the whole house designed! ;)

When I was looking for inspiration, I was on the hunt for spaces that included leather, a cozy rug, clean lines, and warm woods. Each of the images below has elements of those pieces! Take a look:

Inspiration for a mountain modern house with a leather sofa, moroccan rug, and plaid pillows.
Inspiration for a mountain modern living room with rustic, mid-century, and bohemian touches. Love the moroccan rug and rustic beams.
Inspiration for a mountain modern living room. Love the tribal, mid-century, and rustic touches.
Inspiration for a mountain modern living room. Love the polished concrete floors, leather sling chairs, and rustic touches.

via Domino  

Now let's put it all together! You can shop the look using the links below. If you'd like, you can Pin the image for later by hovering over the image and clicking the little red Pinterest button. If you're on a feed reader or reading this in your email, you may need to click over to the full site to save it. 

Get the look of this mountain modern living room // modern rustic living room with bohemian and mid-century touches, and a leather sofa

The leather sofa and two modern chairs were the first pieces I found for this living room and they really make for an inviting and cozy seating area. I've seen the sofa in person and it really is comfortable. Leather only looks better with time too - the patina it gets is so lovely!

That diamond rug with tassels might be my new favorite. It's made of polypropylene, which is durable and great for high traffic areas, but it's tufted, so it has a high-end look to it. I wish I needed a rug right now - I'd snap this one up in a heartbeat!

To soften up the sharp angles in this room, I chose a round, rustic wood coffee table. I like how it sits directly on the ground (but has casters so it can be moved easily!) - it's a nice contrast to the leggy sofa and chairs. Similarly, the cowhide stool ottomans bring in that rustic, imperfect feel as well. They can be used for extra seating or you can pull them up to the chairs and prop up your feet. 

Finally, I'm in love with the eclectic mix of pillows in this room. It's anything but matchy-matchy, but the colors and patterns all complement each other nicely. 

So tell me, are you ready to escape to this imaginary house in the mountains? 

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