Get the Look: Small-Scale Modern Scandinavian Dining Room

Get the look of this small scale modern Scandinavian dining room on the Mix & Match Design Company Blog. This minimalist dining room with clean lines, light wood accents, and a round dining table feels laid back and casual.

I'm keeping things light and airy again for this week's Get the Look! This time, I'm tackling a small scale dining room with a modern Scandinavian vibe. Since many of us don't have grand spaces with room for a table that can seat twelve (including myself!), I wanted create a room that would maximize the number of bottoms you could have around the table and still feel open. Thanks to some leggy and minimalist pieces, I think I achieved that!

When I was hunting for inspiration for this look, I kept those ideas in mind and found four images that spoke to what I wanted to create. They're each beautiful on their own and I was excited to take elements of them to incorporate them into my modern Scandinavian dining room design. Take a scroll through them below!

Modern minimalist dining room with gray chairs and white walls
Modern minimalist dining room with wood chairs and a Scandinavian style.

via Alt

Beachy bohemian dining room with neutral color scheme and a basket pendant light fixture.
 A modern minimalist dining room with European styling. I love the way the neutrals flow together!

via Studio McGee

Now let's take a peek at the pieces I chose for this look!

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Get the Look: Modern Scandinavian Dining Room 

Get the look of this small scale modern Scandinavian dining room on the Mix & Match Design Company Blog. This minimalist dining room with clean lines, light wood accents, and a round dining table feels laid back and casual.

White and Wood Modern Dining Chairs | Round Modern Pedestal Dining Table | Basket Pendant Light | Zig Zag Flatweave Rug | Abstract Blooms Art | Modern Two Tone Sideboard | Turquoise Table Lamp | Black Modern Candlesticks | Honeycomb Curtain Panel - Gray | Curtain Rod | Pothos Plant 

Did you notice that in three out of four of those inspiration images, there are round dining tables? In a small dining room, a round table works really well since you can squeeze in extra seats more easily than you can at a rectangular table. They also give you extra space to walk around, which is nice when the room is a little tight! The dining table I chose for my design is 48" in diameter, which can seat up to six.

I also loved the idea of keeping things fairly neutral for the most part - simple, clean lines were the name of the game. I mixed the wood tones and textures to keep things interesting, and added a pop of color with the abstract floral/botanical art and the table lamp. I'm a big fan of how that freeform art piece contrasts with the geometric pattern on the doors of the storage buffet. 

One of my favorite elements of the room is those dining chairs. I've never seen anything quite like them! They're almost wishbone shaped, but not quite, and the two tone look is a little bit unexpected. I'm so tempted to swap out my current dining chairs for a set of those!

And finally, let's talk about a few of the little pieces. If you've been around for awhile, you know that I can't design a room without something green! One of my new favorite go-to places to buy plants online is The Sill, and I added a pothos from there as a centerpiece for the dining table. It's such an easy plant to take care of and once it gets larger, you can transfer it to a spot like a bookshelf where the pretty tendrils can trail down. 

The mid-century turquoise lamp adds another little dose of color. I've had my eye on that one for a long time and haven't ever quite had the right place for it, but it suits this space perfectly! I love having a table lamp for additional light in a dining room, and the buffet provided the perfect spot for it.

Lastly, let's talk about those curtains. I don't always add window treatments to these Get the Look designs, but here I felt like I wanted to add some softness and a little more graphic punch. These simple grid-patterned curtains were perfect! They keep the modern minimalist feel going.

So what do you think of this week's look? Are you on the modern Scandinavian style train? Let me know in the comments below!


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