How To Position Furniture On A Rug With Mohawk

Learn how to position your furniture correctly on a rug in this blog post! Specifically, we're talking about rugs in bedrooms. This blue, green, and white modern farmhouse bedroom shows a great example of selecting the right size and placement.

Hey friends! I'm popping in with a short and sweet post today to share that I'm over on Mohawk's Creative Home blog chatting about how to place furniture on a rug - specifically in the bedroom! We're talking about choosing the right size and where exactly to put it so that it feels intentional. Figuring out how to do this well goes a long way in making your room feel finished off and ensures you don't end up with a postage stamp size rug in there! Hint: there's more than one good way to do it. 😉

I'm using my guest room that I recently made over as a part of the One Room Challenge as the example in the post, so if you want to check that out in more detail, you'll get to see lots of photos of that as well!

So hop on over to Mohawk's blog and give it a read - you'll be able to implement these little tips right away and it will truly make a difference in the look and feel of your bedroom!


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