Shop the Design: Shop the Design: Neutral Clean Coastal Living Room (From Target!)

After hearing how much y’all LOVED Shop the Design a couple of weeks ago, I’m doing it again! This time, I’ve got a neutral living room for you with a “clean coastal” vibe. If you love light and bright spaces, this one’s for you!

Everything in this design (except for one piece of furniture - read more about that below) is from one of my favorite places - Target! I used items from their in-house brands like Project62, Opalhouse, and Threshold to create this neutral, coastal-inspired living room that has a touch of modern design for good measure. If you’re on a tighter budget and are on the hunt for affordable pieces to fill out your home, Target is a fantastic resource. Is it the best quality ever? No, but I think it’s pretty awesome that they’re bringing great design to folks at a reasonable price point.

Now I mentioned that there’s one piece that’s not from Target…can you guess which one?

It’s the sofa! I decided to shop at another retailer for this because if there’s one spot I’d choose to invest in in a living room, it’s a sofa! (Learn more about my budgeting strategy in this post). While Target is fantastic for so many things, I’m a little hesitant to point you to their sofas. Price point is often an indicator of quality and if a sofa is only $700 (I’m making that up, but you know what I mean!), it’s probably not going to be super comfortable and hold up well over time. Also, a lot of theirs are on the small side, which isn’t going to be the right size for most living rooms.

All that to say, if you can, go big on a good sofa and choose more affordable, budget-friendly items to make up the difference (like I said before, Target’s great for that!). Mixing and matching is what I’m all about here!

Now let’s take a look at this design - a neutral, “clean coastal” living room! I thought I’d talk a little bit about some of the pieces of furniture and decor I chose so you could get a peek in to the thought process that went into the design.

The sources are listed here below the design board and again at the end of the post!

Would you believe that everything (except for one piece!) in this neutral, clean coastal living room came from Target? I’m sharing the sources and my thoughts behind the design over on the blog! If you’re shopping for affordable home decor, Target has some great pieces!

White Sunbrella Sofa

White, Brass, Wood Coffee Table

Landscape Framed Canvas

Moody Abstract Canvas Art (Set of 2)

Cane & Wood Media Cabinet

Mid-Century Wood Frame Lounge Chair

Neutral Jute Stripe Rug

Diamond Pattern Tassel Pillow

Textured Beige Throw Pillow

Blue Dash Lumbar Pillow

Oversize Neutral Stripe Throw Pillow

Modern Round End Table

Wood/Brass Tripod Floor Lamp

Textured Black Table Lamp Base (Shade)

Faux Olive Tree

Faux Potted Fern

Brass Floating Picture Frames

Basket with Leather Handles

For this living room design, I wanted to stick with a light and airy color palette, but to ground it with a few pops of black. The black, along with the hints of brass, also modernizes the space a little bit and gives it just enough of an edge. I love mixing metals in my designs - it helps a room feel more collected and less cookie-cutter!

Let’s talk about that sofa for a second. The reason I picked it is because it has that exposed wood frame - isn’t it pretty? It ties in with the other wood you see scattered throughout the room and adds to that coastal vibe. On a side note, did you know you can mix wood finishes too? The key is to make sure the undertones work well together. Light woods and dark woods can pair well together if you’re thoughtful about it.

I keep coming back to those chairs time and time again. They look SO much more expensive than their price would indicate and they’re comfortable. That’s a hard combo to find! I’ve seen them in person and sat on them, so I can vouch that they’re good. They do sit low to the ground though, so make sure you’re ok with that before purchasing!

That media cabinet is also a great find. It’s a good size, and it offers great storage. Do note that the caning isn’t as high contrast in person as the pictures online show. It’s more tone-on-tone. Above it, I added a set of abstract pieces of art to give it a little more of a modern look. The black lamp is another “grounding” piece and it adds another nice layer of texture (head to the website to see it up close).

Finally, let’s talk about those pillows. I picked an eclectic mix of textures, patterns, and colors that work really nicely on the neutral fabrics of the sofa and chairs (although they’re mostly neutral!). Target has some fantastic pillows right now - the only downside is that most of them have polyester fiber fill and no zippers, so you can swap the inserts out. I definitely prefer feather down inserts because you can fluff them back up, which means your pillows will last a lot longer and they don’t get that flat, 2D look over time.

So what do you think of this design? Do you have any questions about any of the other pieces I didn’t talk about? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram!

Shop the Design: Neutral Clean Coastal Living Room

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