How To Make Your Laundry Room Your Happy Place

Small laundry room inspiration. // closet laundry room

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Let's start today's post off with a poll:

What's your least favorite task to do around your home?
Washing Dishes
Cleaning Bathrooms
Doing Laundry
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If you chose option 4, laundry, you're in the right place today, because I'm going to try and help you change that! Read on, my friend!

I was texting with a friend recently who just made a big move to a new town, and in her house hunting adventures, she came across a very happy laundry room that got her thinking about her own future laundry room. Here's what she said about it: 

"I have a random idea for you - you should write about ways to make your laundry room your happy place. There was a house we looked at with the happiest laundry room and it's totally inspired me to make my laundry into a place that speaks to me, because let's face it, I'm the one spending so much time in there! A laundry room is always overlooked, but why can't it be special, ya know?!"

I got to thinking - she's so right! Laundry rooms are places we spend a good chunk of time in during our weeks, but all too often, they're sad, dark, and uninspiring. Like my friend said, why shouldn't we give them some love, jazz them up, and make them into places we want to spend time in? Wouldn't that make the arduous task that is washing and folding clothes a little less painful? After all, our environments have a huge impact on our attitudes, so a happy laundry room might be just the ticket to making an everyday task a little more pleasant.

In my own house, our washer and dryer is located in our unfinished basement. (Raise your hand if this is how it is in your house too!) We have plans to do a little freshening up down there, and I can't wait to have a functional and clean space to work in during laundry days. 

So in preparation for the work we'll be doing, and in response to my friend's request for ideas on how to make your laundry room your happy place, I've rounded up a bunch of inspiration for us today. I made sure to include some super simple ideas and some "shoot for the moon" ones too - a girl can dream, right? :) 

First up, start fresh.

A fresh, clean, and bright laundry room.

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The purpose of doing laundry is make things clean - pretty obvious, right? So if you currently have a dingy, dirty, or cluttered space that houses your washer and dryer, begin by giving it a fresh start. This can mean anything from deep cleaning the area all the way to giving the walls and ceiling a new coat of paint.

Tiled walls and floor in laundry room

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Also, here's a hint to help it stay clean: stop using your laundry room as a dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a permanent home (I'm totally preaching to the choir here - guilty!). Even if your washer and dryer live in a storage area, like your basement, make sure you don't let what you're storing take over the space you need to get the task done. I know how tempting it is to use your folding space as a drop zone!

Next, add storage and organization.

An efficient and organized laundry space in a hall closet.

via HGTV

No matter if you have a whole room dedicated to the task or if your washer and dryer live in a small closet, I'll bet you probably have some space surrounding it to organize. Think about what storage systems will help make the task easier, less dreaded, and even pretty to look at! 

Ideally, you'd have a spot for functional supplies like detergent, a flat surface for folding, and a place to air dry delicate garments. If you live in a small home like I do, you'll probably have to get a little bit creative with those things, but if you do have a little elbow room, take advantage of it and think about ways you can add helpful organizational tools to the space. 

Multifunctional laundry room with gray cabinets and a dog area.

via This Old House

Here are few ideas:

  • Add cabinets for concealed storage
  • Hang shelves above your washer/dryer and add baskets to them to corral small items
  • Build in or mount a collapsible drying rack to a wall that you can pull out when needed
  • If you have front loaders side-by-side, add a countertop to create a folding zone
  • Carve out a spot for a permanent laundry bin with separate compartments for darks, lights, and linens

Now for the fun part - make it pretty!

Botanical wallpaper in laundry room with butcher block countertop.

via SF Girl By Bay

Laundry rooms are one spot in our homes that I think we should take chances with design-wise. Don't be afraid to try that playful wallpaper, use bright colors, or install some funky tile (floor, wall, or both) with an in-your-face pattern. The laundry room below is a great example of trying some of those things out - hello mint cabinets and starry floor tile! You can also go a completely different direction and create a crisp, clean, and monochromatic space. Think about how you want that space to feel when you're in it, and go with your gut on the design part (P.S. I can help with that if you need it!). 

Aqua cabinets and star tile laundry room

via Ashley Winn Design

Finally, don't forget to accessorize! Cozy up those floors with a pretty runner rug, add texture with baskets on shelves, grab some pretty containers to hold detergent and other cleaning supplies, hang art on the walls, and oh! don't forget about lighting. A fun fixture or sconces can do wonders for a laundry room!

Ostrich wallpaper in a small laundry room

via Yellow Brick Home

A final word...treat your laundry area just as you would any other space in your home. Though it's probably not a space you entertain or sleep in, you do spend lots of time in there, so give it the attention it deserves. Make that laundry room a place that puts a smile on your face every time you walk in there!

P.S. Want more laundry room inspiration? I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my favorites from around the web!

Pink door, cement tile in laundry room.

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