Christmas Decor You Can Use All Year

Christmas decor you can use all year round

There's plenty of inspiration out there on decorating for Christmas and the holiday season, but what if you want your seasonal decor to have a little more staying power? Maybe you're wondering if you can simplify your collection of Christmas decorations and use some of your year-round pieces instead.  I believe the answer is a resounding yes! There are so many versatile pieces out there that you can integrate seamlessly into your festive collection and they can stick around long after that tree comes down in January. It sure beats having to haul down boxes and boxes of red and green items from the attic for such a short time each year!

Now I'm not saying you shouldn't have a few bins of special Christmas ornaments and decorations - there is something to be said for pulling them out every year and remembering their meaning and importance - I just think that sometimes we get carried away with holding onto too much holiday-themed stuff. It takes up a lot of space and if you live in a space like an apartment or small home, I'd argue that your precious storage space ought to have a better use. :)

SO, with that preamble out of the way, what are some of those versatile pieces? I can think of four major categories: anything metallic, candles/candle holders, fuzzy items, and certain types of greenery.

Anything Metallic

Silver, gold, brass and copper are all great accents (dare I even say neutrals?) that you can use to add a bit of shine all over your home. I love them on a table, coffee table or bookshelf.

Candles & Candle Holders

Hurricane lamps and candle sticks are so versatile. You can fill a hurricane lamp with just about anything (be it greenery, cranberries, or seashells - really anything!), plop a candle in it, and it can become a beautifully styled piece for your dining room table, mantle, or console. Candle sticks are beautiful with tall tapers, and many of them are beautiful simply on their own.

Fuzzy Items

There's nothing cozier than a fuzzy blanket, and this time of year, I love the extra loft of a faux fur version. You can use it as a tree skirt or draped over a chair to add instant warmth to a room. 

via The Merrythought

via The Merrythought


Pine boughs and cedar swag scream holiday to me, but other types of greenery can be dressed up for Christmas and then transition well to other seasons. My top picks are preserved boxwood - particularly as a wreath - and moss. Also, something that isn't necessarily green, but can work well as both holiday and year round decor are cotton bolls. 

via  Jane Can

If you're looking to add a few "staying power" items to your collection, below are a few of my favorite picks*. And bonus, a lot of them are on sale right now! Happy decorating!

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