Best Of: Wayfair (Two Different Looks!)

The best picks from Wayfair's modern furniture and home decor collection

Trivia Coffee Table || Adelaide Sofa || Rio Blanco Arm Chair Turquoise || Tower Tall End Table || Camberly 1-Light Wall Sconce || Maughan 24" Table Lamp (Green) || Parocela Chest/Dresser || Athey Writing Desk || Trudy Nellie Cotton Throw Pillow Cover || Sigma Cotton Throw Pillow || Paper Stripe Throw Pillow || Geometric Throw Pillow || Diamond Platinum White Indoor/Outdoor Rug || Thurston 3-Light Shaded Chandelier || Mazzeo Wall Mirror

Welcome to the "Best Of" series! Each Friday I choose a retailer and feature a roundup of my favorite products. If there's a particular shop you'd like to see, please leave a comment, or use the contact form with the subject line, "Best Of Request." To see all the places I've featured in the series, click here.

Wayfair.When I mention that online furniture and home decor giant, what comes to mind? To me, that name evokes things like huge inventory, a wide variety of styles and price points, and, well, overwhelming. Who's with me on that last one?! (Oh, and their free shipping on anything over $49 is a big perk!)

This e-commerce retailer describes itself as having "a zillion things home," so no wonder it seems like an impossible task to sift through over seven million products to find that perfect sofa, bed, or dining room table. If you've ever hopped on the site and tried to search for something, only to throw your hands up in despair? Or maybe you just avoid it all together because it's just. too. much.?

Well, be overwhelmed no more today, friends, because I'm going to share my secrets to shopping Wayfair like a pro. In addition to my regular "Best Of" product picks, I'm going to give you some strategies that I've found to be very successful in finding that perfect piece. You'll feel more equipped than ever to shop this retailer, and I can't wait to see what you find. 

Let's start with the strategies, then I'll share my picks. And it's your lucky day friends, because I'm sharing not one, but two Best Of boards because I want to show you how you can put together rooms with two different styles - modern and bohemian. These are some of my personal favorite styles, and Wayfair has plenty of products that cater well to both!


How to shop Wayfair like a pro!
  1. Use their filters to narrow your search. Wayfair has one of the best sets of filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Once you've entered what you're looking for in the search bar, look to the left side of the page. You'll see a bunch of categories with checkboxes that you can check. Using these can drastically reduce the number of products you're seeing. For example, say you're looking for a chandelier for your dining room. On the left, you'll see categories like metal finish, style, price, and number of lights. If you check off a few of those boxes, you'll only be looking at items that fit those criteria.
  2. Try the quick view option. If you hover over an item, a little button will pop up that says "quick view." Click on that, and you'll see basic info like dimensions, color options, and how many are in stock. I find this comes in handy to rule items in and out quickly without having to leave the search page.
  3. Flip through the "customers also viewed" section. If you click on an item and realize it's not quite right, but it's this close, scroll down to a little section called "customers also viewed" to see some related options. Sometimes it works even better than the search feature!
  4. Find brand shops. Basically, since Wayfair is an aggregator for lots and lots of different brands, it's like shopping at West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and Pier 1 all under one massive roof. But, if there's a particular brand you find you like, there's a way to isolate that brand so you're only looking at their items (yes!). For example, Langley Street is a brand I like for affordable mid-century modern pieces, and sometimes I just want to see that. The way I find their "brand shop" is by entering "Langley Street" into the search bar, and it will bring up a page devoted to the brand. You can then look at items in different categories easily. sometimes this direct search doesn't quite work that smoothly, but if you find one product by the brand, you can find its brand shop by clicking on it (the brand/manufacturer is right next to the item's title).
  5. Read reviews. This is so important, y'all! Most items on Wayfair have reviews attached to them, and they often provide valuable information so that you can make an informed purchase. Returns aren't always easy or straightforward, so do as much research before buying as possible.

Now onto my favorite picks! I'm going to keep it simple this week and let y'all do the browsing visually without me doing all the usual talking since I've already talked plenty today! Below, you'll find a round up of modern picks and bohemian picks. Enjoy!

To shop, you can either use the links under the image, or use the embedded shoppable widget below. Simply hover over the item you're interested in (or tap an item with your finger if you're on a mobile device) and click on the black and white plus sign that pops up. If you're on a feed reader or receiving this in your email, you'll need to click over to the full website to use this tool. 

Best of Wayfair's bohemian furniture and home decor collection

Leather Pouf Ottoman || Wood Coffee Table || Lawson Papasan Chair || Arhdar Throw Pillow || Ilana Armless Loveseat || Bone Inlay Wall Mirror || Zolan Garden Stool || 5 Light Rope Chandelier || Kers Throw Pillow || African Mudcloth Pillow || Modern Tribal Coral Throw Pillow || Gold Table Lamp || Linda Dining Table || Cape May Three Drawer Dresser 

So tell me, do you feel ready to take on Wayfair next time you're looking for furniture or decor?

I hope y'all have wonderful weekends! 

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