Design Dilemma: Can I Use Mismatched Nightstands In A Bedroom?

This bright and happy master bedroom shows a great example of how to mix different nightstands. Find more mismatched nightstands on the blog and how to make sure they look good together!

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If you've ever decorated a bedroom, you may have found yourself asking, "Can I use two non-matching nightstands, or is that some kind of design faux pas?"

Well, I'd answer that question with a resounding YES - you certainly can mix them up!

After all, I did name my business Mix & Match Design Company, so I kind of have a thing for just that - mixing and matching different pieces or styles to pull together a beautiful space that feels collected and cohesive at the same time. The trick is to make sure you create a sense of symmetry and balance.

Yes, you can have mismatched nightstands in your bedroom! Read about how to do it well on the Mix & Match blog. Isn't white and blue traditional bedroom beautiful? (Design: House of Jade)

via House of Jade; photo: Kate Osborne

While this look might not be for everyone, let's think about some examples of when you might want to go with mismatched nightstands. Maybe it's because you prefer a more eclectic look, you need a creative way to add more storage in a small bedroom, or you'd like to integrate a workspace or vanity and the best spot is right by the bed. Whatever your reason, know that it is definitely possible to pair different nightstands in your bedroom - it's just a matter of choosing the right ones!

Can you have different nightstands in a bedroom? Yes! This gray bedroom proves it. See how to do it well in this blog post from Mix & Match Design Company.

via House Beautiful

Here are a few tips to help guide your search for the perfect mismatched nightstands and pull the final look together:

  • Choose bedside tables that are approximately the same height
  • Go with a similar color, finish, or style - they should complement each other in at least one way, but...
  • ...Make sure they look different enough - this shows that you're making thoughtful and intentional design choices
  • Add a pair of matching lamps or wall sconces to add symmetry

Take a few minutes and study the examples I've included in this post - pick out what the nightstands have in common. Once you start to recognize those common elements, you'll be well on your way to knowing how to pick out the right non-matching nightstands for your bedroom!

Is it possible to use mismatched nightstands in your bedroom? Absolutely! Find out how to do it well in this blog post. Here's a beautiful example in a small traditional bedroom with gold bedside tables.

via Lonny

So tell me, what do YOU think about the idea of using two different nightstands? Are you on board or is this a no way, Jose?

P.S. If you find you could use a little more guidance, take a look at Mix & Match's e-design services. I can help you pull together the right design for your space - all online!  

Can you use mismatched nightstands in a bedroom? Absolutely! This traditional bedroom with antique tables used as nightstands is a great example. Come find out how you can do it in your own home!

via My Domaine, photography: Justin Coit


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