12 Modern Planters and How To Pick The Right One For Your Plant

Give your plant a pretty home with a modern planter or pretty pot! Here I have a ZZ plant in a mid-century modern planter on a stand and a Christmas Cactus in a blue and white ceramic pot. 

I've become quite a plant lover over the past year or so and if you're reading this, I bet you're a fan too! Plants add so much life to your home and they've become one of my go to accessories when I'm decorating my home or a client's. There are a ton of fabulous ones out there - no matter your "skill level" at keeping them alive. Just be sure to choose one that matches the amount of light you get in your home and the amount of care you're willing to give it! If you're a nervous new plant mom or dad, I'd suggest starting out with a pothos, ZZ plant, or a succulent (that is, if you have a particularly bright spot in your home!).

If you're currently shopping for plants and don't have a good local source, be sure to check out my recent roundup of live plants you can purchase on Amazon. I've now sent three to friends and family as gifts and they've all raved about them! You can also try one of my new favorite online resources, The Sill. They've got a great selection and good, straightforward information on what kind of care it needs to thrive.

Decorate your home with plants! The Sill is one of my new favorite online sources for plants if you don't have a good local spot. If you need a modern planter for your new green friend, be sure to check out my roundup of planters on the blog!

via The Sill* on Instagram

Once you pick out a plant though, you're only halfway done - you need to give that plant a pretty home with a pot or planter!

Choosing an indoor plant container gives you an opportunity to put your style stamp on it and makes it feel like an intentional part of your decor. I've definitely been guilty of leaving a plant in its plastic container and just plopping it down, but I'm currently working to kick that habit to the curb and make sure that every one of my plants has a real home. 

In my mind, there are three main types of containers: regular ole pots, planters on stands, and hanging planters. It's important to choose one that will complement your plant nicely. So how do you do that? Well, here are a couple of tips:

  • Well-structured plants like snake plants, ZZ plants, fiddle leaf figs (and similar tree-like plants) and succulents work well in either a regular pot or a planter on a stand. Those allow the plants to stand tall and the shape complements their upward growth to shine.
  • Trailing plants like pothos, some philodendrons, and bird's nest ferns look amazing in hanging planters. They also work well in planters on stands - giving them a little height works really nicely! If you are placing a trailing plant high up on a shelf though, a regular planter is a good way to go.
  • If your plant is somewhere in-between well-structured and trailing, you've got lots of options! Play around with different ones and see what looks best visually, and don't worry about perfection - your plants certainly aren't!

Here's an example of a trailing plant (a spider plant, to be precise!) in a hanging planter. See how cool it looks dangling over the sides?

Use a hanging planter to fill an empty corner in your home. This white geometric planter from Convivial Production was a perfect fit for the corner of my office.

And below are a few succulents I planted in a variety of tabletop sized pots. Since they're not super tall or bushy, I chose these simple containers to house them.  

Putting your plants in planters or pots gives you a chance to integrate them into your decor and adds a polished look to them (it's way better than the plastic pot it came with!). Here I potted three varieties of succulents in ceramic, glass, and metal containers.

Now I've got some actual planters to share with you! There are so many good plant containers out there these days including lots of affordable and beautiful options! I've rounded up 12 of my top modern planters for today's post and guess what? They're all under $50! (Many are far less than that too!) 

Scroll on down to see them. I tend to gravitate toward clean lines and simple designs, so that's what you'll see here. I chose a variety of planter types including tabletop planters, hanging planters, planters on stands, and simple pots. Hopefully these will point you in the right direction if you're on the lookout for one for your plants!

You can find all the sources below...

Are you shopping for a modern planter? I've got a roundup of twelve affordable planters on stands, hanging planters, and tabletop planters over on the blog along with tips on how to find the right one for your plant! 

Top row: gray geometric pothanging leather plantergray, gold, and white planter (comes a set of two!); mid-century planter on stand

Middle Row: brass and black planter on stand; white geometric planter; color dipped basket planter; blue and white hanging planter

Bottom Row: white hanging planter; gray planter with brass stand; blue geometric ceramic pot; black metal planter with stand

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