My Current Favorite Artists and Where To Find Them

An interior designer shares her favorite artists and where to find them online. 

 1. Ilana Greenberg ("Happy Accidents")* | 2. Kelly Ventura ("Seams") | 3. Kelly Ventura ("Aquae") | 4. Kate Roebuck (Blue and Green Art) | 5. Emily Jeffords ("Grace in the Winds") | 6. Katie Craig (Verdant Ocean) | 7. Kelly Ventura ("Blush Blossoms) | 8. Emily Jeffords ("New Morning Song") | 9. Kate Roebuck ("Watercolor IV")

Art is such an essential finishing touch when you're making a home your own. It shows off your personality, can be a mood-setter, and breathes life into a space in a way that nothing else can (ok, except for maybe plants, my other favorite accessory!). It can be hard to commit to hanging something on your walls though - are you still going to like it in a year? What if you might move in a few months? Is that hole in the wall really worth it?

I'm here to say yes. Do it. Find art you love, put that hole in the wall, and enjoy those pieces that bring a smile to your face. Take some time to find the artists that make your heart go pitter-patter and support them by purchasing one of their pieces. It doesn't have to be a big investment in an original - you can go small with a print or two and throw them in my favorite Target frames! (Or if you don't have time, and/or don't know where to start, try Art Crate - your own personal art finding service! Read all about that here, and find a discount on your first month.)

Over the last few years, I've found that I keep coming back to several artists and have started to notice patterns in what I like, and I'm excited to share some of them with you here today! I'm drawn to abstracts and pieces that include some sort of nature-themed element, be it flowers, fields, or really anything that takes me outside.

A lot of these artists have prints available in multiple places, so if you find someone you like, and are curious about what other pieces are available out there on the web, Google his or her name and see what comes up. These artists often have their own websites where they sell prints and originals as well! If they have their own website, it's linked to their name below.

I did a little bit of the research for you and linked to a few additional sites where you can find some of these talented folks. This list isn't exhaustive, but it'll definitely get you started. And if you just want to browse a generally awesome and well-curated website, hop on over to Minted, my personal favorite. 

Happy art hunting!

Emily Jeffords 

An interior designer's favorite artists and where to find their work (Pictured: Emily Jeffords)

via Emily Jeffords

Available on: Minted, Etsy 

Do you ever look at a piece of art and it immediately takes you to a peaceful, calm place? Well that's what Emily Jeffords's work does for me. Her abstract landscapes are stunning, so detailed, and I can't get enough of those sweeping, big skies. I have this print that I featured in the opening graphic in a hallway in my home, and I love seeing it when I go up and down the stairs over the course of the day.

Katie Craig

An interior designer's favorite artists and where to find them. (Featured: Katie Craig)

via Minted

Available on: Minted

If this name sounds familiar, it should! I partnered with Katie for a print giveaway in the spring and recently hung a piece of hers in our bedroom. I love how free and easy her style is. It looks effortless (though I know it's far from it!). She has a knack for incorporating a whimsical feel that would look equally at home in a grown-up living room or a kid's bedroom. 

Ilana Greenberg

An interior designer's favorite artists and where to find them. (Featured: Ilana Greenberg)

Available on: Minted, One Kings Lane

Ilana has created some very striking black and white abstracts that are really eye-catching, but she uses lots of colors too - colors that are bright, saturated all the way down to soft pastels. With such a variety, it's hard to choose a favorite, but I'm a big fan of any of her pieces that have a good dose of blue.

Kelly Ventura

An interior designer's favorite artists and where to find their work (Featured: Kelly Ventura)

via Minted

Available on: Etsy, Minted,

I'm a sucker for most anything in the watercolor floral family right now, so Kelly's art is calling my name - she's got a lot of that going on! I really appreciate her minimalist, modern style. She keeps things simple, but does a lot with a little if you know what I mean. She even had a few pieces in the aisles of Target in the spring!

Kate Roebuck

An interior designer's favorite artists and where to find them. (Featured: Kate Roebuck)

via One Kings Lane

Available on: One Kings Lane, Hayneedle, Crate & Barrel

I love Kate's abstract and plant watercolors - they're sophisticated, yet have a playfulness to them that keeps them from taking themselves too seriously. If you order a print through One Kings Lane, you can buy it framed, which makes for super easy hanging!

So that's a peek into the artists I'm digging right now and where you can find their lovely art. I'm a big fan of supporting individual artists when I can, and I'm thankful for the power of the Internet and places like Instagram that help me find them! 

Now tell me - who are YOUR favorite artists? And why do you love them? 

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