One Room Challenge Week 6: Home Office Reveal!

An interior designer's cozy, bright, and modern home office.

It's everyone's favorite day of the One Room Challenge - reveal day! I'm so excited to share my finished home office with you. This space has seen a major overhaul over the past few weeks, and I'm thrilled with how everything turned out. 

If this is your first time here, let me catch you up on what's been happening over the past bunch of weeks before we dive into the photos. Linda, of Calling It Home, invites bloggers to participate in a six week makeover challenge twice a year, and this time around I decided to jump in as a guest participant! Feel free to go back to Week 1 (the "before" and inspiration images), Week 2 (the design plan), Week 3 (workspace progress), Week 4 (the punch list), and Week 5 (lounge space progress) to catch up on the whole journey.

This office makeover was a labor of love - it turns out it's not easy being your own design client! :) My goal for the office (A.K.A. the Mix & Match Design Company headquarters) was to transform it into a cozy, modern, dual-purpose space where I would truly enjoy spending my 8+ working hours each day, and be a cozy spot where my husband and I could watch TV and relax. I'm excited that I was able to achieve that, and I've been happily working in this finished space for the past few days! 

I thought I would do something a little bit different (and fun!) to introduce this project reveal - share a video(!) before we dive into the photos. So without further adieu, welcome to my new bright and modern - with a touch of boho - home office! (If you're on a feed reader or receiving this by email, you'll need to click over to the site to watch.)

This is my first time making a video like this, and it made me smile so much when I finished putting it together - maybe there will be more in the future! 

Now let's get into the photos!

An interior design's light-filled, modern bohemian home office.

Well goodness, where do I start? 

Since it's primarily a home office, let's begin with the workspace. I replaced my old desk (which consisted of sawhorses with a piece of plywood on top) with this sleek, modern-looking one*, and it's so much better! The stained wood legs give your eye something to focus on when you walk into the room (since everything else is white), and it provides just enough storage for a few desk essentials in the shallow drawers.

White, bright and modern home office.
Sleek and modern desk for Mix & Match's home office.

The other major change to that part of the room is the bookcase from CB2. Ever since we moved into this house, that strange little nook has always been a bit puzzling to me, but as I was planning this project, I had an aha moment that it would be perfect for a tall bookcase, and this wall-mounted one was just right. 

The CB2 Stairway bookcase is the perfect modern storage solution in a home office or living space.

That thing is a workhorse - both for function and style. I love that it houses my printer and other office essentials, and it also gives me an opportunity to flex my styling muscles. And since this piece reaches nearly all the way to the ceiling (it's 96" tall!), there are plenty of shelves to style. I like to keep things fairly simple and allow the look to evolve over time.

Vintage brass elephant and a jade plant on bookshelf.
Office essentials and pretty pieces on bookshelf.

One of my favorite things on the shelves that I want to point out - but is a bit tough to see - is my new watercolor print from Lydia Marie Elizabeth (it's on the top shelf in the first of these two close-ups). She painted one of my favorite places in the world on Martha's Vineyard, and I'm so happy to have a reminder of it in my office now!

Modern, light and bright home office.

That's wraps up the workspace part of the office!

Now if you turn 180 degrees, you'll be facing the "lounge" area, which is my new favorite spot to hang. We pulled in another chair and broke it in last weekend while watching the Kentucky Derby! It turns out that little marble and brass side table is just perfect for holding a mint julep. ;)

Lounge corner for reading and watching TV in Mix & Match Design Company's home office.

And don't forget to look up to catch a glimpse of my DIY'd Sputnik-style light fixture (such an easy project)!

DIY Sputnik light fixture.
A modern and bright home office gets a bohemian touch in the form of a blue throw pillow.
An abstract print from Modern South Studio and a vintage botanical painting add color and style to this corner of the office.

Across from the chair is a console that houses our TV and other miscellaneous storage. Behind it are a few photos of me and my husband that I love. I talked about those in detail in Week 5 if you're curious. Before, a tall french provincial style bookcase lived on this wall, which was never my favorite piece for that spot. It now has a home with my parents since our house is too small for extra furniture!

I love that when you look into this room from the long, exposed brick hallway, this pretty area is now the first thing you see. :)

Industrial modern TV console in home office.
Plants bring so much life to a space!
Modern and bright - with a touch of boho - home office.

I can't believe I haven't mentioned the rug yet! That was the piece that truly brought this space together - it really united the lounge and workspace areas. I had the hardest time finding a rug that was both the right size and the right style for this space. If you've been following along throughout the ORC, you'll know this room is oddly shaped, and called for a 7'x10' rug to fill it properly. Those are hard to find, my friends! SO, thankfully, I finally found this one at Target, and it's absolutely perfect. The colors are fantastic, and it's super soft underfoot.

That about wraps things up for my One Room Challenge! And what a challenge it was, but it was also so fun! I'm thrilled to have this space FINISHED and ready for some Mix & Match magic to happen. Thanks for following along on this journey - stick around for more projects, design tips, and more on the blog! Scroll down for the room's sources!

Modern, light and airy - with a touch of boho - home office.


Below are the links to many of the items in the space if you'd like to "get the look." There are a few items that were vintage or one-of-a-kind pieces, so I tried to find substitutes where I could. If you have any questions, let me know!


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