Contemporary Meets Classic in A Converted Philadelphia Textile Factory Condo | E-Design Project Reveal

This e-design project came into the Mix & Match inbox for a bummer of a reason: a fire.

Contemporary meets classic in this converted textile factory condo's dining room // contemporary dining room, transitional dining room, exposed brick

It started in one building and spread rapidly to the neighboring buildings, leaving a heavy dose of destruction in its wake and forcing residents out of their homes in the early morning hours on a cold day in January. 

Elizabeth's (my client) condo building - a converted 1900s-era textile factory - was one of those connected buildings that got caught up in the wake of the destructive fire. Her one bedroom condo was damaged and she had to say goodbye to many of her belongings, including furniture and decor. She loved what she had and when she began to look online for replacements, she realized that many of those items were no longer available. This meant she was suddenly faced with the time-consuming task of having to find new pieces that would achieve the look she had built over time before the fire made its unwelcome entrance. As a busy professional (she's the founder of the boutique firm Very Real Estate in Philadelphia) she quickly realized that with her limited time, redecorating her whole home on a short time frame would be a difficult task - that's where Mix & Match came in! E-design was a perfect fit for this project - she could focus on other important things in her life while I pulled together the design that would allow her to enjoy being in her home again once the repairs were complete.

She enlisted me for two of the spaces in her condo: her dining room/office area and bedroom (we'll be focusing on the dining room/office today). She provided professional photos of her home from before the fire (perks of being a real estate agent!), described her desires for the new pieces, and we got to work to achieve a similar look.

I would classify her style as "contemporary meets classic." She loves clean lines and warm wood tones - but nothing overly fussy or ornate. Being that her space is an old factory, it had plenty of character to highlight, including features like large arched windows, exposed brick, and exposed original beams. Her streamlined style complemented these elements perfectly.

After a few weeks of back-and-forth finalizing all the pieces for the dining room and bedroom, I handed off the shopping lists, and my client got to work on placing the orders for her new furniture and getting everything set up. Now we get to see how it all came together!

This isn't the most dramatic before and after you'll ever see - as I mentioned before, my client loved her old space and was able to salvage some of the items from the fire, so you'll see some similarities in the before and after shots! My job was to take what she had before and give it a fresh start. Let's get to it!




Here are the design boards I created for the space. As you'll notice, I added a little bit of decor to the boards to make them more lifelike - it's up to the client to decide what to purchase in the end. I like to give plenty of options. :)

Contemporary meets classic dining room mood board // contemporary dining room, transitional dining room
Design plan for a contemporary meets classic office area. // contemporary desk, modern desk


Contemporary meets classic in this converted textile factory condo's dining room in Philadelphia // contemporary dining room, transitional dining room, exposed brick

It's such a cozy and inviting space, don't you think? I'd happily plop down in one of those upholstered dining chairs* around that table and share a few glasses of wine and a good meal. The exposed brick backdrop doesn't hurt either! Also, that table extends, which makes it a very versatile piece for entertaining.

Contemporary meets classic in this converted textile factory condo's dining room in Philadelphia // contemporary dining room, transitional dining room, exposed brick

The sideboard we settled on turned out to be even lovelier in person than it was in the photos. The rich, dark tone in the wood wood goes right along with the other wood tones in the space provides SO much great storage. That's always a plus in a small city condo! One thing you can't see very well in these photos is the legs on this piece - definitely be sure to check them out on the website.

Contemporary meets classic in this converted textile factory condo's dining room in Philadelphia // contemporary dining room, transitional dining room, exposed brick

And then there's this swoopy modern light fixture - how cool is that guy? I can't take any credit for this one - Elizabeth was able to salvage it from the fire, thankfully! (Here's a similar one.)

Contemporary meets classic in this converted textile factory condo's dining room in Philadelphia // contemporary dining room, transitional dining room, exposed brick

If you look to the left of the dining space, you'll spot the office area. I showed my client a few different desk options, and she settled on this one, which like the sideboard, is even prettier in person than in the photos!

Contemporary meets classic in this converted textile factory condo's dining room/office in Philadelphia // contemporary dining room, transitional dining room, exposed brick

The chrome desk legs gleam and complement the chrome base of the sideboard beautifully. I also love how the curves of the mid-century style chair soften the hard angles in the desk. They're a great pair, right?

Contemporary meets classic in this converted textile factory condo's office corner in Philadelphia // contemporary dining room, transitional dining room, exposed brick

Despite the sad circumstances that led to this project, this ended up being a really fun one to pull together! 

If you'd like to get the look of this space for your own home, the sources for the pieces are below (similar ones are listed if the source wasn't known or the piece is no longer available):

Are you ready to tackle a decorating project in your home? Let's work on it together! Mix & Match has affordable e-design packages and I'm currently taking on new clients!

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Get the Look: Modern Bookshelf Styling

Get the look of this modern bookshelf styling from Design*Sponge on the blog.

via Design*Sponge

It's Friday, which means it's time for the latest installment of Get the Look! So many of you have mentioned how much you've enjoyed this series, and I'm so glad! Today's post has a slightly different twist to it - in addition to sharing similar pieces to the ones in the inspiration photo above, I'm going to give you some tips on how to style your bookshelves to look as pretty as these from lifestyle blogger, Anne Sage. She makes it look effortless, but let's face it - styling bookshelves can be tricky!

Less is often more when it comes to decorating your bookshelves, and today's inspiration image is the perfect example of that. Note that while there are a lot of objects on the shelves, there's also a lot of white space to keep it from feeling cluttered. By creating different groupings throughout, she keeps your eye moving from place to place, but it's never overwhelming - it's simply, well, interesting to look at. Wouldn't you agree?

Another reason it's so pretty to look at is that everything she chose to put on those bookshelves fell within a certain color palette. Nearly every piece is black, white, natural wood or brass. This combination of colors and finishes has a calming, peaceful effect, and feels really clean. 

In addition to the notes above, here are a few practical takeaway tips on how to style your bookshelves to look like these:

  • Start with books. The provide a great foundation for decorative objects, and add visual weight. Hardcover and coffee table style books work best (remove the glossy jackets if they have one). Group them together in odd numbers - three or five look best in my opinion. Scatter the stacks around on different shelves.
  • Use trays to pull together a group of small objects or as a base for another piece (like the spidery plant on the right bookshelf).
  • Vary the heights and widths of your objects. A great example of this is the highest shelf of the right bookcase. The layered black and white frames are different heights, as are the decorative objects. The placement looks purposeful, but has a little whimsy too.
  • Always add something living! Be it a real or faux plant, it's the perfect finishing touch for any bookshelf.

Now scroll on down for the look-a-like pieces from Anne's bookshelves! The bookshelves themselves she used are the same as the one I have in my office - they're so great. Snap up a few of these goodies for your own home. They'll help make styling those bookshelves a breeze!

You can also pin the image below if you'd like to save this post for shopping later. Just hover over the image and a "Pin It" button will pop up!

How to style a modern bookshelf // bookshelf styling, bookshelf accesories, style bookcase

Happy weekends, y'all!

Psst! Have you been following along with the other posts in the Get the Look series? These go up every Friday here on the blog. Each week, I take a photo of a beautifully designed space and find the look-a-like pieces you can purchase that will mimic the room's look and feel.

*This post includes affiliate links, which means Mix & Match earns a small commission from your purchase at no cost to you.


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My Favorite Rooms from the One Room Challenge

In case you missed it (I'm guessing that's unlikely given the fact that I've practically shouted it from the rooftops!), last week marked the final week of the One Room Challenge, which meant it was reveal day! I've had such fun poring over all the pretty spaces that these talented folks have created, and I knew I'd have to do a round up of my favorites to share with y'all. If you're in need of some inspiration for your next room redo, you're in the right place!

(Psst! In case you missed my ORC reveal of my home office last week, you can find it right here.)

Over the past six weeks, 20 featured designers and over 250(!) guests have completed this six week makeover challenge. That's a lot of rooms, my friends! It was really tough to narrow the list down to just a few favorites, but I managed to choose 13 that made me go, oh wow. 

So scroll on down to see my favorites, and if you haven't had enough by the end of that, head on over to the Calling It Home blog using the links below to check out every last one! :)  


Modern vintage bathroom makeover from Bre Purposed

This mix of black, white and natural wood, along with that gorgeous vintage rug, make this bathroom both perfectly modern and perfectly cozy. The simple windowpane style glass shower door brings some nice contrast and you've got to click over to see the mid-century vanity on the other side of the space!


Eclectic, plant-filled living room designed by Michelle Gage for Arsenic Lace.

If you want to see a super fun and colorful living space, look further than this room designed by Michelle Gage, who is not only a super talented designer, she's also a friend here in Philadelphia. She designed this space for Arsenic Lace, and I'd say they were the perfect pair! One thing you don't want to miss? The amazing wallpaper on one of the walls in this space, so head on over to the full post to gaze at it's beauty.


Place of My Taste's cozy and comfortable breakfast nook.

I've followed Aniko of Place of My Taste for awhile now and I love her style, so it's no surprise that I was smitten with her new breakfast nook. She nails that that cozy modern vibe - just look at that window seat full of beautiful indigo and tribal-style textiles.


Design Loves Detail's bright and airy home office.

This home office is simple, elegant, and airy. I love how the room has space for both work and relaxation, and that three drawer chest area works as the perfect focal point to draw your eye into the space. Large scale abstract art #ftw.


Modern and playful tween bedroom from Suburban B's.

How fun is this tween bedroom? There's a lot of pattern and texture mixing going on (hello cactus wallpaper!), but all of the white space keeps it from feeling too overpowering. I'm a huge fan of the combo of those bedside table chests with the navy blue lamps, and I think this space is also a great example of how sometimes the perfect spot for a bed is right in front of the windows. A full post on that is coming soon!


House Updated's elegant, modern and functional master bathroom.

Apparently I'm into bathrooms right now, because this is the second one that I'm including in today's roundup! ;) This room used to be a closet, and now it's a dreamy master bathroom. Can I move in? That herringbone marble in the shower and the whole vanity situation are most def on point.


Lark and Linen's elegant and approachable living room.

Jacquelyn wanted to create a living room that would feel like a sanctuary, and I'd say she pulled it off beautifully, wouldn't you? It's elegant and sophisticated, yet still feels like a place you could put your feet up and relax on a slow Sunday afternoon. That chaise is calling my name!


Modern eclectic kitchen and dining room by Abby Manchesky.

This amazing lady conquered not one, but two spaces for her ORC: her kitchen and dining room. Pulling off a gut renovation of a kitchen in six weeks is no joke - add in the dining room and you've got quite the project on your hands. She pulled it off beautifully. One of my favorite parts is how the art above the buffet ties in perfectly with the dark green lower cabinets in the kitchen.


Living/dining space in Erica Reitman's AirBnB guest cottage.

This little dining/living room is a part of Erica's AirBnB guest cottage, and I love how cozy and inviting it is! Those rich blue hues are repeated throughout the space, which make it feel high style, but still completely approachable. Also, you've got to go read the whole post for yourself - Erica's sense of humor is amazing, and she had me giggling to myself throughout!


Glitter Guide: Caitlin's Master Bedroom Makeover.

I basically took notes as I read through this master bedroom makeover post from Glitter Guide and I'm filing them away for both my master bedroom and for future clients. This room may be on the petite side, but it's packed with style and functionality. You'll want to see the closet too - it got a major organizational facelift!


Built in desk area in a functional and pretty home office from Decor Happy.

Let's all take a minute to gaze at this incredible built-in desk. I mean, just imagine how much you could store in it! There's room for everything and tons of workspace. I also like the choice of black hardware here - those pulls work perfectly with both the navy lowers and white uppers.


Serene and edgy dining and office space from Design Maze.

This dining space also functions as an office, making it quite the hard-working space! There are some subtly bold design choices in here like the marbled wallpaper, and the hexagon hide rug (did you catch those?) that really make the room unique and pretty. 


Preppy traditional living room from Rambling Renovators.

Though more traditional than I tend to go, I found myself totally drawn into this living room from Rambling Renovators. Maybe it was the blue slope-arm chairs, or the pops of gold, but it pulled me in right away. Wouldn't you love to hang out in here?

To wrap things up today, I wanted to mention a few themes that emerged as I meandered my way through the hundreds of ORC spaces: 

  1. Wallpaper is BACK and better than ever. The patterns, colors and styles I noted were all gorgeous. I hope this "trend" is around for awhile - it's a fantastic way to up the ante on a room's look and feel. Installing wallpaper is definitely more expensive than painting a room, but if you find the right one, you can always just use it on an accent wall if it's cost prohibitive or too bold to do the whole room. 
  2. Darker, moodier rooms are in. Although I think I will always gravitate more toward a light and bright space, rooms painted in dark colors like hunter green and deep navy have me intrigued. I love their cozy feel.
  3. Vintage tribal/kilim/Turkish rugs are here to stay. They work in SO many spaces and have this magical ability to mesh well with just about any style - from traditional, to boho, to mid-century. 

So tell me, have you had a chance to look through some of the ORC rooms? What were your favorites? Did you notice any commonalities or trends? Jump in on the comments below and share your thoughts!


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